Controlled Remote Viewing

Who Will you be in 2016


Who do you want to be in 2016?

Dear <>,

A new year always feels like a clean slate to me — a chance to start fresh and have a new, more inspired perspective. When I think of what has brought me some of my favorite moments of 2015, I think of you all — my students and friends. You bring such joy to my life, and such meaning! Each one of you holds a special place in my heart.

As we pass into 2016, think about the things you are most grateful for the year that has just passed. Then, think about your greatest wish or desire for the year ahead. What are you hoping to attain? Is your desire to reach new levels of spiritual awakening? Greater financial stability? To simply be happier or more fulfilled?

Thinking about these things can help you set a firm intent for the year to come. Writing them down inspires me even more!

For many years, our family would ask ourselves these questions as the clock approached midnight on New Year’s Eve. We would each hold a small candle, and one by one, we would light our candle from a large center candle, and state our gratitude for the past year and our desires for the coming year.

We often would find a quotation, a song, a poem or a scripture that would be our mental banner to represent our desires and hope for the future. We would try to time it so that the last person would finish just a minute or so before midnight, when we would embrace each other and greet the New Year with tears of joy and heartfelt love.

And for the Remote Viewers among you, you may want to ask yourself as we move into 2016, What inspired you to want to learn remote viewing? Why did you want to become a remote viewer? In your wildest dreams and imaginations, what do you hope to achieve with your skills in the months and years to come? And how can you use your remote viewing talents to help you reach your life goals?

As a remote viewer, how do you want to grow this year? Where do you want to develop your talents, and how do you plan to utilize those talents?

We have a lot of exciting plans for classes and training in 2016. The Mentoring Club is going to go further than it has ever gone before! Let’s plan on making a real difference on the planet and beyond… this year!

If you are not yet a remote viewer, 2016 may be your year --- a year to consider investing in yourself and your training.

Regardless of where you are right this minute, know that your life is important. You matter, your love matters, and your life matters. Dream big and make things happen in 2016. We are here for you all the way!

Much love,

Lori & Jim