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What Will Help You Increase Your Skills as a Remote Viewer?

We were very sad to hear of the passing of Ingo Swann, a legendary pioneer of remote viewing and a man of many talents.  We will miss you, Ingo, during the remainder of our stay here on earth.  Yet somehow we know that you are busily and joyfully exploring the radiant worlds you painted.  Be blessed and know that you will never be forgotten among those who knew you and those whose lives you have forever changed.

What Will Help You Increase Your Skills as a Remote Viewer?

Finding the Path that's Right for You

Regardless of how accomplished we may be, we all find ourselves looking within occasionally to be sure that we are living a life that is authentic. We feel a need to be who we truly are, doing what we were meant to be doing.

When everything interests you, finding the "one thing" that satisfies is nearly impossible!  Do you find yourself struggling with that sometimes? All at once, life seems to be one big smorgasbord of exciting things to do, places to go, and new skills to learn!  Where do you start?  When (if ever) do you stop?

As Jim and I prepare to leave tomorrow to go to the San Antonio area, I felt the need to stop and connect with you all by writing this newsletter.  We will be teaching a class of 12 there -- people who are completely new to the concept of Remote Viewing.  It really excites me to see people expand their consciousness and discover what they can do.

Right from the first day of class, a student's natural strengths become apparent.  Some people are great at describing locations.  Others are masterful at describing manmade objects.  Less frequently, I run across the person who is amazing at describing people.  Eventually, with perseverance and practice, anyone can become good at remote viewing most anything.  But when you find out what your strengths are, it is fun to pursue them and find out just how good you can be.  So I want to dedicate this newsletter to

sharingsome very fun ways you can hone your personal skills.

Fun Ways to Practice with Real World Targets

"Lori, can you help me? I'm away from home on vacation; I didn't bring my laptop, and I don't have any targets with me. But... I want to practice!  What do you suggest?"

Any time you are away from home and find yourself with some time to practice, think of things around you that you can view.  Here are some examples:

Describe the location you will be visiting tomorrow at 2 p.m.  Be sure to carry your written summary with you tomorrow and set your phone alarm to remind you to be aware of when it is 2 p.m. so you can give yourself feedback and a reward!

Are you waiting for the elevator in the hotel lobby?  Tell yourself that you will hear a loud "DING!" in your mind when you look at the elevator that will arrive first.  Then go stand in front of that elevator.  See if you were right.  You can do the same thing as you approach the lines at the bank or grocery store:  Which line will go faster?  "The one that flashes RED when I look at it!" is an example of one way you can play.

Whether you feel that you are proficient at viewing people or not, the ability to describe a person comes in very handy in almost every application of remote viewing or psychic work.  To practice this, have someone choose a profile of someone from the USA Today newspaper that most hotels give to their guests.  Or purchase a local newspaper or People magazine.  It is easy to find an article that gives a brief synopsis of someone's life.  Ask your volunteer to put the article in a folder for you, or simply note the page number.  Then write down your frontloading as, "The Target is a Person.  Describe the Target."  As you begin your session, focus on describing the physical aspects of the person.  Then work on describing the person's career and any family details.  The article may be about a legal problem or a career advancement.  It could be about a sports achievement.  See what you are able to view that is not tangible.  This will greatly increase your abilities as a viewer and as an intuitive.

These are just a few suggestions.  I'm sure you can think of many more.
And remember:  When your practice time is FUN, you'll do it frequently and become proficient more quickly.

Time to Say Goodbye...

Many of you have spent some thrilling days learning CRV at our home on Julian Blvd.  This has been a house filled with happiness, wonderful memories and most of all, love.  Yet, we are very excited to tell you that we are moving!

When Jim and I first met, we discovered that we both shared the same dream:  To one day have a Center that would serve others as an oasis of learning and healing.  During our travels, we have searched for this place everywhere we went.  And then, like Dorothy in Oz, we found that the place was right in our own backyard.

Over the next 18 month (in-between our CRV teaching trips)  we will be renovating a large home out in the country.  This renovation will be costly, but we feel compelled to make this change, confident that the Universe will provide the needed funds.  Once completed, this beautiful place will have organic gardens with fresh fruits and vegetables, comfortable bedrooms, a country kitchen, large classroom, meditation areas, a workout room, a deck with a hot tub, a gazebo, a Reiki room, a small CRV session room, and a store offering the best of self-help, CRV, meditation and health products.

It is our vision to share this place with those who come to grow and learn.  Have you have always wanted to study remote viewing, energy work or intuitive development but finances have kept you from realizing your dream?  Beginning in May, 2013, Jim and I will be offering a limited number of scholarships to applicants who would like to work as volunteers in our Center as it is being renovated.  Please send us an email at to find out more.

It is our intention to photo-blog the renovation and transformation as we go!

Our professional office will remain open, and we will hold our classes there until the Center is ready.  In the meantime, we will continue to travel, offering CRV classes in various locations.

If you'd like to take a CRV or Intuitive Development course with us, check out our Class Schedule on our website at:


Have you ever wanted to have something that is made just for you, and that represents your work as a remote viewer, a healer, or an intuitive?

Here it is:  A beautiful wooden pendulum, handmade by Jim Williams.  

Each one of these special pendulums is unique and individual. Jim Williams is a true artisan and woodworker, harvesting the wood from native cottonwood trees located on the High Plains of the Texas Panhandle.  Each pendulum is carefully hewn on Jim's lathe, sanded and then dipped several times in clear varnish to bring out the beautiful sheen of the natural wood.  Jim selects special natural stones for the end of each pendulum.  These pendulums are lightweight, which is especially good for energy work.  Jim initials each pendulum before dipping them in one last coat of varnish.  Made to last for a lifetime, these pendulums are truly heirlooms worthy of the best remote viewers and healers. Check out the "Shop"on our webpage at for more information.

Russia, Here We Come!

Last year in April, we met a group of 14 Russians in New York City for a CRV marathon of Basic, Intermediate and Advanced classes.  Undaunted by the language barrier, this group of diverse professionals applied themselves to learn as much about remote viewing as they possibly could in a 10 day visit!  We were so impressed by their tenacity and fierce determination!  Our interpreter was a lovely young woman whose translation skills are unparalleled.  Now, at the group's insistence, we are heading to Moscow for a 3-week visit and more intensive CRV.