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Check Out The Newest Classes Coming in May!

Folks, this is a quick newsletter just to let you all know that we are offering a 9-Day series of classes in May!!!   May 3-5 is Intermediate CRV,  May 6-8 is Advanced CRV, and May 9 - 11th is Associative Remote Viewing!   If you have been looking for an opportunity to advance your skills this series of classes may be just what you've been waiting for!  We will be teaching overseas for the month of April, but if you would like to join us for the May classes, drop us an email and we will get you signed up.  We will be checking emails while in Russia, so we can get you on the roster.  We already have several students signed up for that class, so it is going to be a FUN group!!!  The class will be held in Amarillo, Texas.  If you'd like to join us, the Ambassador Hotel offers beautiful rooms and wonderful free breakfasts at a special rate for our students:  $69 a night (plus tax.)  They also offer free transportation to and from the airport and anywhere within a 3-mile radius.  Call the Ambassador to reserve your room at 806-358-6161. If you call Monday through Friday and ask to speak to Anthony, tell him you are my student to get the special rate.

Desire... We all have it.  And a lot of us want it all.  Can we have it all?   My greatest desire has always been to help people.  That is what gives meaning to my life.  What is your greatest desire?  And how can you achieve it?  Stay tuned to upcoming classes, newsletters and blogs where we will be exploring the ways you can use your intuitive skills to guide you to new careers, love, abundance and happiness! 


Keeping a Balance in Our Lives as Remote Viewers

Life can be very challenging at times.   Here are some suggestions to help you keep a balance when life throws you a few curve balls to juggle...

We were packing as fast as we could.   The perfect renters showed up on our doorstep at the perfect time.  They even offered to help us move during Spring Break!  We were manifesting our dream -- but it was happening so fast!   Before we knew it, we were in the new house, surrounded by boxes needing to be unpacked.

Unexpectedly, Jim didn't feel well.  A fever rose up.  He had to go to bed.  I nursed him for a few days while seeing clients at the office.  Just as he was beginning to feel better, I fell ill.  Still surrounded by boxes and a big house that desperately needed cleaning, I could do nothing.   After about 10 days total, we were both well enough to do the unpacking.  But wait!  There's more!

It was time to teach again!  A Professional CRV class combined with Medical Applications!  Six days total.   There was no escaping it... I had to teach!  I love teaching!  But there were the boxes, staring me in the face each evening when I got back home, too tired to unpack.

Tomorrow is the last day of class.  And just as I finish, it will be time to prepare for our month-long trip that begins just 5 days from now...

What I am learning is the importance of keeping a balance, even when life is crazy-busy.   The tendency is to burn the candle at both ends and allow the good habits to fall by the wayside.  I sometimes find myself not getting to bed on time, not getting up on time, not getting my exercise or my journaling time or meditating.   As I look down the road, I can see that things are not going to get quieter or calmer any time soon.  So making sure I get the essentials in, even when it seems impossible to do, is the smart choice.

Here are the keys that I've found in order to stay healthy and balanced during stressful times:

  • Go to bed early enough to get a good night's sleep and still be able to rise early.
  • Get up early enough to:
  • 1.  Exercise.  Exercise creates serotonin -- the "feel good" hormone in your brain, essential to ward off depression.
  • 2.  Meditate.  Meditation stimulates certain areas of the brain that are now being linked to avoidance of Alzheimer's disease and dementia.
  •  3.  Journal.  Writing in my journal allows me to work out anxiety and connect to my higher self.  It also provides some history as I write about what is going on in my life at any given time.
  • Get in a daily walk in nature.  Nature always pushes my "reset" button and helps me keep my perspective.
  • It helps me to gather the loose ends by creating one or more "To Do" lists and then mark off items as I accomplish them.  These lists keep me from forgetting to do things, and allow me to feel more in control, especially when I have several remote viewing projects due at the same time.

We all lead very busy lives.  Jim and I aren't the only ones!  I hope these ideas help you as they've helped me.   Happy living!!!

Have You Learned How to Dowse?

Have you learned how to dowse?
If not, consider taking Advanced CRV.
Learn how to use an abundance of various tools,
from rulers to pendulums
to your own body
and your five most common senses.
Check out our calendar of classes here:

Order now to get your pendulums before we leave!

We've had a great response from folks wanting to order pendulums.   We will be mailing off pendulums Friday to those who have ordered.   We want to get them mailed before we leave on our trip.  If you are interested, please get your orders in to us by this Thursday, March 28th, so we can mails yours!

Beautiful cottonwood pendulums, handmade by Jim Williams.  

Each one of these special pendulums is unique and individual. Jim Williams is a true artisan and woodworker, harvesting the wood from native cottonwood trees located on the High Plains of the Texas Panhandle.  Each pendulum is carefully hewn on Jim's lathe, sanded and then dipped several times in clear varnish to bring out the beautiful sheen of the natural wood.  Jim selects special natural stones for the end of each pendulum.  These pendulums are lightweight, which is especially good for energy work.  Jim initials each pendulum before dipping them in one last coat of varnish.  Made to last for a lifetime, these pendulums are truly heirlooms worthy of the best remote viewers and healers. Check out the "Shop"on our webpage at for more information.  $30 + S&H.

To All of Our Friends in Europe:   Will you be any where near London toward the end of April?

Drop by for a visit!

Email us at: if you will be in the London area from April 23 to April 26th.   We would really love to see you!

Long ago, my dear friend Linda Buchanan said to me, "You and Lyn don't have a business; you just have an ever-increasing circle of friends."  I considered that to be such a compliment.  Above is a photo of the New York class -- all Russian students that we are soon to see again!  Every student is important to us, and each one becomes a friend.  We love you all!