Controlled Remote Viewing

From Lori Williams

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Controlled Remote Viewing, or CRV, is a wonderful written techinique that allows you to access your intuition with accuracy and detail.   Using CRV, you will be able to describe any event, location, activity, thing, or person... anywhere... in all of time and space.   This technique is based on the theory that all knowledge is available to the subconscious mind.   The structure of CRV helps you to set aside the thoughts that come in from your imagination so you can separate pollution from true intuitive perceptions.  In the process, you will learn a great deal about yourself, as well.  The conscious and subconscious minds often behave like siblings -- each one vying for control.  The CRV structure teaches you how to work through this stage of development until your "two minds" become friends.  And that is when the magic truly begins!

California, Here We Come!

We have many students who ask us regularly to "come to California and teach!"  We've now taught several classes there.  Sadly, our wonderful venue, La Casa de la Bella Vida, has recently become unavailable.  But all is not lost!  Our dear friend and colleague, Debra Katz, has suggested a beautiful get away located in the mountains just 75 miles from Los Angeles and 115 miles from San Diego.  The venue is a gorgeous retreat in the mountains of California, surrounded by alpine lakes.  The website is:   We will hold the class in a beautiful lodge on site.  The prices listed in this newsletter are for this Mountain Retreat set of classes only -- because they include the full CRV course, plus lodging, breakfast and lunch.  The meals will be gluten and dairy-free, but we will have meat choices and eggs.  Dinners are available in nearby Blue Jay or you are welcome to prepare your own food in the lovely kitchen on the premises.  For $1850, you will receive the 3 day course (either Basic, Intermediate or Advanced CRV) plus 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 4 night's lodging (based on double occupancy -- two people per room.)  If you would like to take both Intermediate and Advanced in one powerful six-day intensive that is designed to take your remote viewing skills to a whole new level, we are offering a significant discount:  $2,950 includes 7 night's lodging, 6 days of class, 6 breakfasts and 6 lunches!

Here is the upcoming schedule for the remainder of 2012:

NOVEMBER 30 - DECEMBER 2:  INTERMEDIATE CRV (Check in to room November 29th.  Check Out December 3rd unless you are staying for Advanced.)
DECEMBER 3 - DECEMBER 5:  ADVANCED CRV (Check in to room December 2nd unless you are taking Intermediate.  Check out December 6th.)
DECEMBER 8 - DECEMBER 10:  BASIC CRV (Check in December 7th.  Check out December 11th.)

We would LOVE for you to join us in California!  If you would like to breathe the fresh air, soak up the beautiful scenery and expand your abilities, please be sure to let us know and sign up by THIS THURSDAY, November 8th so we can reserve your space!  These classes are very small and intimate to ensure the best instruction and a lot of one-on-one assistance.  The class is only 3 weeks away, so if you are interested, we really need to hear from you as soon as possible!  You can call Jim at 806-220-6823 or Lori at 806-678-8582 to sign up, or you can sign up on our website at:

We look forward to seeing you there!

Keep an eye on our website for the 2013 calendar of classes.  We will have it posted in about a week.  During the year, we will add additional classes as they come up.

A Quick Lesson About:


Once an event has occurred in the past, it is over and done with.  There is no changing the past.  Right?  Well… like so many things we study in Remote Viewing, the answer has to be:  Not always.

Let’s say that you have been job hunting and you’ve been offered two positions.  The position at Company A earns much more than the position at Company B… but it looks like a LOT of work and may be boring.  The other position doesn’t earn as much as you’d like… but it seems as though it would be a lot of fun and would utilize your skills better.  What should you do?  Decisions…. decisions….

They say hindsight is 20/20.  Wouldn’t it be great if you had the benefit of hindsight before you made a decision?  If you could re-live your life, aren’t there things you would change?  Ok, so…

One thing you can do is to sit down and do a CRV session. Using CRV, you can task yourself with mentally moving one year into the future to describe the job you have and your level of satisfaction with it.   Access yourself – your own mind – and find out what you would tell yourself in hindsight about the job you have a year from now and how you feel about it.   In your session, descriptions come to you that can only be one of the two positions.  In this example, let’s say it is the job that pays better at Company A.  You access your own mind and find that you are very happy and satisfied a year from now because you've learned great leadership skills and you are able to delegate.  Great!  You call and accept the position.

In this scenario so far, it sounds like you have simply done a CRV session to get your answer, and you can certainly choose to walk away at this point.  But to truly “influence the past,” there is one more element to the process.   One year from now, you must sit down and access yourself a year into the past, sitting at your desk, trying to decide which job to accept.   If you now are working at Company A and are happy with it, tell your one-year-younger self, “Accept the Company A job!”  When you access yourself in the past, you are in essence closing the time loop.   At this point, you may be asking yourself, "Is this for real?  Can it really be done?"  The answer is yes.  We've been given magnificent minds and are capable of far more than we realize.  CRV is truly a martial art.  Through diligent practice, anyone can become very good at it.  And best of all, there are many practical applications in your daily life and to help humankind.

By using this technique on a regular basis, you can vastly improve your decision-making.  In other words, the outcome of each decision will be noticeably better.  You can actually develop the habit of checking in with both yourself in the past and yourself in the future, and doing so will sensitize you to information coming in from your past and future selves.   You will have influenced your past.

Plans for 2013

Jim and I are very excited about the upcoming year!  Some of our plans include:

* Providing more free tools on our website for students
* Hosting regular group mentoring classes online as follow up for our students.
* Teaching in some exciting new places!
* Publishing a book with some of my most exciting RV experiences and some down-to-earth "How To" information!
* Hosting an event in Texas with a group of very special and talented remote viewers and intuitives.
* Publishing a weekly blog with great information about intuitive development and remote viewing
* Creating more products to help CRVers, including hypnosis CD's and pendulums.
* Creating more YouTube videos to provide free information about remote viewing and intuition.
* Adding a section of "Sample CRV Sessions and Projects" to our website to help students.

These are some very ambitious plans, but we like to dream big.

California Sunset

This photo was taken from from our last venue in California at La Casa De La Bella Vida in Thousand Oaks.  The six-day intensive had been such a success:  the students were happy and excited about the amazing progress they had made!  As if to encourage that happiness, we looked out the window of the classroom and saw these brilliant colors.  Everyone grabbed a camera and ran outside.  We felt a kinship and a closeness with each other from spending six days learning together.  Not only did they know each other better, but they had come to know and trust themselves better.  It was a great week!

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is on the way to California if you are coming from the East across I-40.  We stopped for the evening there and caught this magnificent sunset.

Sunsets have always been very special to us.  The way the light casts a magical golden glow on everything it touches makes us feel as though there are no limitations.  And truly, there aren't.  You can do whatever you set your mind to!  Believe in yourself.