What if I Have Never Had a Psychic or Mystical Experience?

While preparing to write my book, I asked one of my students, “If you had read the perfect book on CRV prior to taking my class, what information would you have most needed to know?”   He answered, “I would have loved to have read something written by someone who had never seen an angel or a ghost, who had never had any kind of mystical experience, yet who had still become a world-class remote viewer.”  This student really wanted to sign up for the class several years before he actually did, because he thought only people who have had mystical experiences would be good at CRV.  

Not true!!!  This very student has now taken several of my classes, and is a very good remote viewer.

Those who have natural ability as children or young adults find that studying CRV gives them control over their abilities so that “the tail is no longer wagging the dog.”   But people who have never experienced anything out of the ordinary often find the CRV structure surprisingly easy to master and therefore, their sessions become dependable quickly.

CRV was actually designed for the person who feels that he/she doesn’t have a psychic bone in his/her body.   In other words, ANYONE can learn Controlled Remote Viewing.

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  1. by Online Tarot Reader

    On June 11, 2014 at 4:46 pm

    I believe that everyone is psychic, the extent just varies. It’s like any other ability or talent. We can all learn to play an instrument but how well we do it depends on our innate ability and the amount of time we spend practicing the ability. Having a great tutor or someone to learn from who has mastered the art themselves definitely helps.

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