My Thoughts on Mind Control - A Clarification

A few weeks ago, I put out a blog entitled Are You Being Targeted?  Essentially, this was an article about people who come to me, convinced that they are victims of Mind Control or that they are being "targeted" in some way.  

Soon after I wrote the article, several people wrote me, sending articles and hoping to convince me that Mind Control does exist!  As a result, I decided to write a clarification of my position on this issue.  Follow this link to read the article:

Does Mind Control Really Exist?

Yes, mind control does exist.  There are plenty of articles about the attempts on the part of government entities and nefarious organizations who have been attempting to control the mind of the general public for the past 70 years at least!  There are indicators, for example, that Timothy McVeigh may have been being controlled through some sort of mind control when he participated in the Oklahoma City bombing.

Mind Control Works on a Subconscious Level

The point of my article was not to deny the existence of mind control.  Here is what I believe, based on my understanding of the subconscious and my training as a hypnotherapist:

1) If those who created and carry out mind control are any good at it at all, those being controlled would be completely unaware of it. Mind control only works on the subconscious.

2) Individuals who feel as though their thoughts are not their own are probably not the ones being controlled. Often, they suffer from one or more forms of mental illness. In my experience, there are people who are so convinced that they are being controlled, they have given up any personal responsibility for their own thoughts.

A Victim's Mentality

When someone submits to a “victim mentality, that person doesn’t have to work to manage his or her own thoughts.  All stray thoughts get blamed on those “bad mind-controllers” or aliens, or men in black.  Thinking like this can become an odd form of narcissism, because the victim feels that he or she is so important!  Someone has to be VERY important for the government to focus a huge amount of effort, man power, resources and money to control, follow, intimidate and harass him/her.

Various Types of Mind Control

Mind Control is an evil thing, and I certainly wish it did not exist.  And sadly, there are many types of mind control, and most of them are not hidden at all.  Television, movies, social media, billboards, smart phones, tablets, video games… the list goes on and on.  All of us are being controlled to some extent every day.  And I am only listing a few of the obvious methods being used nowadays.  Let's not even mention the spraying of our skies with chemicals -- some of which have been tested and shown to contain lithium – an element known to have calming effects on emotions.

Controlling the Masses with Pharmaceuticals

What about the pharmaceutical industry and the way that literally billions of people across the globe are on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications.  Research conducted in the UK in 2004 found that most of the drinking water now contains Prozac.  Why?  Because we humans are, unfortunately, peeing and pooping into our clean water, which is then purified, recycled and re-ingested.  But apparently, they can’t get filter out Prozac!  An article from BBC News came out September 12, 2014 entitled How Drugs are Entering UK Water Systems through Urine.

What Controls the Mind-Controllers?

 This is the path our world, our current reality, has taken.  While it may not be a conspiracy – because perhaps no one group is organized enough to have planned ALL of this – it is certainly the perfect storm of mind and population control.  And there may well be a mastermind at the helm, making this all happen on a certain schedule.  I used to believe that very strongly.

As I age and gain experience, I am more inclined to believe that all of this is occurring in stages and is mostly attributable to greed.  Everyone wants more… to be more comfy… more happy… more rich!  It is the current state of affairs worldwide.  These desires and our freedom to create has allowed what amounts to a “perfect storm” of air pollution from our factories and vehicles, plastics killing life in the ocean, pesticides killing off the bees… I could go on and on.

Who is to Blame?

But the bottom line is that we, as humans, have done this to ourselves and we can’t point the finger at any one entity.  It is US.  We are the vermin, the parasites, the bad guys.

Are You Surrendering Your Power?

So, yes, there IS mind control happening all the time, and we are all affected by it.  But when it comes to those stray thoughts, don’t surrender your personal power by blaming it on an outside force.  If you had that kind of mind control occurring, believe me, you wouldn’t even be aware of it consciously.  The fact that you are aware of your thoughts and judging them as “good” or “bad” is a good indicator that you are not being secretly controlled from an outside force.

The Solution

The good news is, this means YOU can CHANGE your thoughts!  You can take back your control and once again be “the boss of you!”

Brainwash Yourself

Why let someone else brainwash you?  How can you manage  your own thoughts?  By determining what you want in your head.  By reading, listening to and watching uplifting books, tapes, poems, and programs.  Only allow in that which you find inspiring!  Get out of your own head and help others.  That is so fulfilling and motivating, you will find your thoughts getting happier right away.

Get Out of Your Own Head by Helping Others

I personally enjoy listening to meditations by “thought leaders” like Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra and Brendon Burchard; I like poetry by Edgar Guest and Rumi.  These are only brief examples, but look at people who have done a lot of good in the world.  If they have written anything, read their works and get inspired to move beyond yourself to help someone else.

How to Take Care of YOU!

Make sure you are getting good sleep and good nutrition.  Omega 3 fatty acids and other natural supplements (or even better, the foods that contain them) are essential for mood balance.

If you have the good fortune to have a partner, spouse, friend or therapist who is a good listener (and who is sane) bounce your ideas and/or thoughts off him/her.  Sometimes I get too wrapped up in a vicious cycle of negative thinking.  Jim is really good at helping me to see things from an objective point of view.

Don't Surrender!

As a remote viewer and a remote viewing instructor, I feel a very strong responsibility to my students and to myself to teach them how to guard their thoughts and how to detox after a session.  Often, I even feel a need to detox after I teach a class or see a movie! You can detox by getting out in nature, taking a hot bath, dancing to your favorite music and getting a massage.  Do something you love that takes you out of your head but firmly establishes you in your body!  There is never a reason to surrender your autonomy.  Stand strong in who you are, and why you are here.  You can do it!

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