Recently during a Mentoring Club Meeting with my more Advanced Remote Viewing students, many were finding that the current state of affairs on the planet were causing anxiety and tension.  Empaths tend to feel things very strongly.  So our meeting that night was structured toward a state of peace, recognizing that we are all co-creators of this reality.  As such, we have the ability to change things through our consciousness.  I began to lead them in a meditation which just flowed straight from the heart, and felt directed or guided somehow.  And I am honored to share it with you here.  May it bless you as it has us.

A Meditation For

Healing the Planet, Calming the Heart

by Lori Williams © 2016


So just get into a comfortable place… wherever you are, feet on the floor, hands in your lap… just getting very nice and comfortable. You could turn on music, but I think it is better to not even have music – to do this without any distractions.

Begin by breathing in slowly and deeply, in whatever way is comfortable for you. Breathing in…. and exhaling slowly and deeply. Breathing in slowly and deeply, and exhaling slowly and deeply. It feels so good to just relax, to just relax and let go. And just focusing on your breath – being aware of the breath going in and out of your body.

And if you are feeling very very distracted, you can focus on your breath by actually counting your breaths – maybe just five or ten breaths, at the most twenty breaths. Just counting your breaths to help break the cycle of mad thoughts in your mind. This will help to quiet the busy mind, the frantic mind.. (Pause…)   Just breathing…. (pause)…. breathing very slowly and deeply…

So now as you are breathing and focusing and relaxing, sitting comfortably in your chair, focus on your head. Notice how your head is feeling. You might notice that there is some pressure or some tension. Do you have a headache anywhere? Or any discomfort anywhere?

Now as you focus on your head, let your awareness move down into your neck, the sides of your neck and your ears, the front of your neck, the back of your neck. All of those muscles… Just notice how your neck feels. Notice if there is any tension in your neck.

Now focus on your shoulders. Notice how your shoulders feel. Notice that little area between your shoulder blades, where we often hold a lot of tension. Just let any tension go. Just be aware of what is there.

Allow your attention to move into your arms. What is the physical feeling in your arms? How do they feel? And your hands? How are your hands feeling?

Move into your chest. Your chest and your back. Then allow your attention to move into your chest. How does your chest feel? Can you feel your heart beating? How do your lungs feel? Then move in to your liver area, which is on the right side flank of your body. That is where your liver is, and your gall bladder. How does that feel?

Move to the other side… And in to the tummy area… Move in to your left side. How does your left side feel?

Now move in to your abdomen and your solar plexus area. We often hold a lot of tension, a lot of emotions in that area. Just notice how it feels… what is the physical feeling of your solar plexus and your abdomen?

Now allow yourself to move in to your pelvis. How does your pelvis feel? How about your mid and lower back? How do they feel?

Again, there is no judgment. Just noticing. Just observing. How about your hips? Your buttocks? How do they feel?

Now your thighs. Moving in to your thighs… How do your thighs feel?

Now just notice all the way down your legs, all the way down through your feet. How are your calves feeling, your shins… your knees… your ankles… your feet… Just notice how your legs feel.

Very good. Now that you’ve done a body scan, take another deep breath… Just taking another deep deep breath, breathing deeply, relaxing…

Now become aware of any emotions that you’re feeling. Just allow any emotions to bubble to the surface of your awareness. And whatever you are feeling, whatever it might be, is totally ok. You have a right to feel however you feel. We often don’t choose our emotions… many times our emotions choose us.

Very good… As you notice your emotions, notice if your emotions are stored in any particular part of your body. What part of your body?

And as you become aware of your emotions, give that emotion a human aspect – for example, you could imagine that the emotion is a baby, or a child that is having that very emotion that you are feeling. And just embrace the emotion… accept the emotion… honor the emotion… welcome the emotion…

Regardless of whether you consider it a “good” emotion or a “bad” emotion… Just accept the emotion…

Very good…

Now as you sit with this emotion, what would make you feel better? If you could have whatever you wanted, in the way of comfort or inner peace or someone or something that would comfort you and make you feel better, reassuring you perhaps…Often the feelings we are feeling might be fearful or uncertain… and that is ok…

Very good. You’re doing really well.

Now that you have connected with what might comfort you, what might help you feel better, allow yourself to expand. Allow your consciousness to expand… all the way around the planet… Connect with all the people on the planet who might be feeling that same emotion that you’ve been feeling, regardless of what it is.

So you are connecting with that emotion, connecting with that feeling, and then you’re connecting with everyone else on the planet who is feeling that same emotion, that same feeling. It doesn’t matter where they are, or what their belief systems are. We are just reaching out to the people who are feeling the same emotion that we are feeling.

And as you connect with people who are feeling the same emotion, the same feeling that you are feeling, send them whatever it was that you established would make you feel better. Send them comfort… send reassurance… send inner peace… Transmitting those feelings, you are transmitting feelings of perhaps comfort, love, reassurance, strength, courage, faith… think about what the world needs now most of all, and transmit that feeling. You can conjure up that feeling, generate that feeling from within you.

Very good. You are doing very well.

Now. What I would like for you to do is to think about the world in which you would like to exist. Allow your imagination to just run free… and see the world just as you would like it to be.

Notice the lifestyles of the people in this world that you are imagining now. Notice the kind of work that the people are doing. Notice clothing… hairstyles… Notice the emotional states of the people in this world that you are imagining.

Know that you are able to create this world just the way you want it to be, so give this world everything you want it to have. There are no limitations. Just give it whatever you want it to have. Just let it be whatever you like, whatever you want. You can notice the buildings… the weather…the topography… the lay of the land around you. You can imagine clean skies, clean water… clean oceans… Just let it be whatever you like, whatever you want.

And then as you have this image of the perfect world that you would like to live in, notice how the people treat each other in your world. See them being kind, being generous, being humble, being courageous, being hard working, being cheerful, being fair, being loving, having compassion toward one another.

Very good. Give them all the traits that you want to see in the imaginary world that you are creating.

And when you are ready, send all these images all around the world in real time. Imagine the people… the leaders of the world right now. See the leaders of the world and imagine them the way you want them to be. Give them the traits you want them to have.

Now project this image to those leaders. You can even create new leaders in your mind… but definitely work this technique with the leaders that currently exist, the people of influence in this world, and send them strength and courage, integrity and honesty, compassion, kindness, tolerance… fairness, wisdom, love, a good sense of humor, joy, happiness… Very good.

So as we spread this love all around the planet, see it enveloping the planet. You can imagine it however you like, but see this love and all these wonderful things that you just created in your mind, spreading like a cloud… all over the planet… reaching in to the lives and the hearts and the subconscious minds of every human and every animal and every creature on the planet.

Now… when you feel ready… Move ten years into the future…and see the world that you want to see…

Move to the year 2026… and in your mind’s eye, see a wondrous world filled with highly evolved people… people who are loving, capable, warm -- people with wisdom and who govern with fairness and love and wisdom.

And then allow yourself to feel the peace that comes from experiencing this world, this wonderful, peaceful world filled with highly evolved leaders and guides who are wise and fair and peaceful and loving and compassionate.

And now that you’ve experienced this amazing world, go out past the world… past the moon… Expand your consciousness much, much beyond this planet and this time, beyond our time/space. Allowing your consciousness to grow larger and larger and larger…

Allow yourself to fill the Universe… and feel the quietness… the expansiveness of the Universe… Become aware of other dimensions… and parallel Universes…

Become aware of all of Time surrounding you, realizing that Time is actually just a construct that we have created. And as you look around you, you can see all of Time happening right now, at this moment.

And you see the current state of this world as just a fragment in an ocean of Time, like a grain of sand on the beach. This moment of Time, which feels so crucial when we are right looking on it, is actually just a grain of sand, a fragment of Time in a huge expanse of Time…

Now… Allow yourself to feel Love surrounding you… See yourself right in front of you… a giant beautiful Being of Light, like a Warrior Spirit. But rather than a warrior of destruction, you are a Warrior of Light, bringing Light to this planet and to this Universe, to the Cosmos itself. Know that you chose to be here at this time, because you have a Destiny to fulfill – a date with Destiny, to spread Love and Compassion and to use your Super Powers -- your amazing abilities -- to influence people for good.

Now gradually and slowly, bring yourself back in to your body, once again becoming aware of your body and how it feels… how your head feels… how your shoulders feel and your neck… your arms… your back… your Solar Plexus, your stomach, your legs and your feet. And take another deep deep breath, breathing in slowly and deeply, and then just gradually coming back in to the room and opening your eyes.

Notice how you feel now. Take a moment to notice how you are feeling. Take a moment to stand up and stretch, get a drink of water, and just see how you feel now…





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