Latest News from Lori and Jim

I can hardly believe it has been 10 months since my last blog post! In spite of my lack of daily blogging, so many wonderful things have occurred this past year. We have taught in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Ohio, New York, Los Angeles, Maui, Amarillo, Las Vegas, and visited many other places. This year, we hired the amazing Gabriel Marihugh from to "amp up" our website. Linda Buchanan, our dear friend and gifted programmer, added a graph to the Student Resources page so students can track their progress with a quick glance. We've checked into creating an iPhone app for Remote Viewers, participated in a new documentary (more about that in future blog posts -- stay tuned!), and filmed several short professional videos. Jim began creating beautiful hand shaped cottonwood pendulums. Lori was interviewed by Time Monk Radio for 2 hours. We are about to launch our newsletter! And Lori created a new class called "Beyond Advanced: CRV for Professional Viewers" which has been very well-received. That is the news so far -- It is my desire to blog on a regular basis, teaching various elements of the remote viewing process. I hope you enjoy it! See you next time!

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