Controlled Remote Viewing

As Remote Viewers, we always want to be right, right? Accuracy is high on our "feel good" priority list!  But most remote viewers tend to be very critical of themselves when they take a first glance at the feedback from a session: "Darn! That is not what I was seeing in my mind at ALL.  I suck at remote viewing!"

The truth is, most viewers don't suck at remote viewing.  If we expect the target photo to look exactly like the image in our mind's eye while we are viewing, we will always be disappointed.  Remember, the target photo is what we are judging, not the picture you were holding in your mind.

Another big hurdle for a lot of newer remote viewers is learning to report what they perceived during their sessions.  The Final Summary is the all-important "moment of truth" when we as remote viewers must decide what to declare and what to leave out of the report that goes to the customer.  This is the only part we score and enter in to the database.

How many times do viewers say, "Oh, gee, I totally got that in session, but I left it out of my summary..."  Too bad.  If it doesn't make it in to the Final Summary, guess what?  It doesn't count.

Summary writing is a skill that can be learned.  I will be sharing more information about that in upcoming newsletters.  But for now, let's talk about how you can get the most out of every session.

Because our lives are limited, and we all have an allotted period of time on this planet, each minute is valuable and can never be reclaimed.  For that reason, once you have spent an hour or two on a remote viewing practice target, it is a mistake to throw that session into a file drawer and forget about it.  You may be tempted to do that, especially when you feel so frustrated because your imagination took over the session!

Why does our imagination DO that? It is the bane of every remote viewer!  Those pesky nouns that pop into our sessions are called "Stray Cats" or "AOL's".  And when we really run off on a tangent, making up a wonderful story about the target, we call that "Castle Building."  While Stray Cats, AOL's and Castle Building frustrate the heck out of most remote viewing students, once you discover where they come from and why, you will delight in learning more about them.  These little monsters become your friends after a time, and you will learn more about yourself than you ever dreamed -- simply by taking the time to figure them out.

So instead of throwing your session in the file drawer, take another 30 minutes or so to spend on Post Session Analysis.  Go over your session and learn from it.  There is no greater teacher than what you can teach yourself from your own sessions!

I am giving you a tool to do just that!  It is called the "Post Session Analysis Tool."  It is easy to follow and you will be amazed at what this process will teach you!  Here it is:


1. Score the summary.

2. Highlight the perceptions that didn’t make it into your summary.

3. Score those perceptions.

(This next section helps you to see if you are “playing it safe” by leaving out a lot of perceptions.)

4. Assess: How many perceptions that I did NOT include were accurate?

5. Assess: How many perceptions that I did NOT include were inaccurate?

6. Assess: How many perceptions that I DID include were accurate?

7. Assess: How many perceptions that I DID include were inaccurate?

8. Look at all your Stray Cats and ask the following:

* Did you have Stray Cats (nouns) that were in your mind but didn’t get written down?

* What were they?

* Did they apply to the target in any way?

* Did not writing them down cause you to go off target?

* Did you have Castles (stories) that you were building in your mind that didn’t get written down?

* Can you see the information that the Castles/Stray Cats were trying to communicate to you?

Take your time and enjoy getting to know yourself better.  You will be amazed at how your viewing will improve just from this simple exercise!

Remember, the most important thing to do as a Remote Viewing student is to have fun!!!

In the next newsletter, I'll give you a fun tool called the "Castle Building Mania Exercise".

(c) Lori Williams 2016

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