Controlled Remote Viewing

The questions I get asked most often are:  How can I progress faster as a remote viewer?  How can I be more consistently accurate?  And one of my favorites: How did you become a good remote viewer?

I am going to answer these questions right here!

Now, this may seem contra intuitive, but if I could go back in time and talk to “little Lori” and teach her anything to help her to have progressed more rapidly as a remote viewer, I would say, “Lori, make friends with yourself.”  

Why would an instructor of Controlled Remote Viewing write so often about self LOVE?  Crazy, I know! But self-love is the secret to becoming a world-class remote viewer!

Everyone thinks that the key to good remote viewing lies in accuracy.  Accuracy is not a goal; accuracy is a by-product of having a good, solid partnership between conscious and subconscious minds. Accuracy happens when the viewer finally develops a friendship with him or herself

Remote Viewing and the relationship between the two minds

The key is taking the emphasis off accuracy and put it on developing this all-important relationship between the two minds.

When you care so much, and you focus on perfection, every im perfection seems to be HUGE FLAW — and you become self-critical.  That voice I refer to as the ‘Inner Bitch’ takes over.  (Men, you have the Inner Bitch, too…)

When you hinge your self-worth on the outcome of your remote viewing sessions, discouragement and self-doubt are the result.  The more discouraged you get, the more you hate yourself. Thoughts like, “I can’t remote view my way out of a paper bag!” and “I suck!”  become your inner conversations.

So, how do you become more consistent and more accurate?

Here’s how:  When you practice, make the session be about curiosity.  Ask yourself, “What will I learn about myself today?”  Don’t let it always be about how high your accuracy scores are.  Americans especially are programmed from childhood that our self-worth is dependent upon our grades in school or our test scores.  It can be difficult to shift to a different mindset.

But when you make your sessions  and the purpose of practicing is just to see what happens and learn from that, you’ll discover that your subconscious mind responds well to the excitement and the adventure!

You may miss the target completely one day and instead discover that your subconscious mind wants you to forgive your father for that unfair scolding he gave you when you were five years old.  

Whenever a student tells me that he or she “missed a target completely”, I always say, “There is a reason for that.”  It never ‘just happens’ for no reason.

The subconscious mind and practice sessions

The subconscious mind uses practice sessions (when no one’s life is at stake) to tell you things.  CRV opens the door to the subconscious and gives it a voice.  Your subconscious mind may have some things it needs to get off its chest.  Buried memories may show up in your sessions when you least expect them.  

One viewer had a warning about an impending disaster show up in a practice session!  She thought she was just missing the target until subsequent events showed that her practice target had become inconsequential in the shadow of something far more important.  The practice targets you miss can become the most revealing when it comes to self-discovery.

If you really want to become a consistently-accurate remote viewer, first befriend yourself.  That means shifting your focus from self-perfection to self LOVE.

Love means loving yourself, warts and all.  As the self-love and self-acceptance become a true habit, you’ll find that the rivalry between conscious and subconscious minds eases and accuracy is the natural result.

The contra intuitive part of this is — if you want to be a better remote viewer, stop caring so much about accuracy.  Practice consistently but shift your focus from perfection to FUN.  You’ll find that you will enjoy your practice sessions much more, and you’ll learn a ton from them!

Ultimately, it comes down to the questions:  Why am I here?  Why are you on this earth?  Why were you born?  

Perhaps love --- learning to love wholly and completely — is the answer.

If we are here to learn to love — which includes forgiveness and acceptance — we have to start with ourselves.  Often, the questions themselves are the journey.  We may never find the answers, but the journey is the ultimate goal.  

Would you like to regain that sense of wonder you had as a child?  To explore with wild abandon?  Children never have a goal in mind when they play.  They wander outside and get lost in watching ants build an anthill.  There is no goal, no purpose, no expected outcome.  The journey is just the wonder of the experience, itself.

I love you, and I know that whether you are a remote viewer, someone who is interested in CRV, or just my friend, this message is for you.  We all need more love in our lives.  

Until next time, be kind to yourself.  You’ll be amazed at how your life changes.

Big hug,

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