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Lately I have come to realize that emotions are more than just emotions. Everything has an energy to it. Love, for example, is not just an emotion. Jesus said, "God is Love." Think about what that means. If you think about God as being a big man up in the clouds, he cannot be Love. But if you turn that statement around and think about Love first, then the Mystery appears...

What is Love? Love is a Force, like gravity. It is the one constant that exists throughout Time and Space and all dimensions and universes.

Compassion is another force. Compassion moves us; we feel compelled to act upon it. Anthony William in his book, Medical Medium receives a visit from a Spirit who tells him, "I am a word. Compassion. I am literally the living essence of the word compassion. I sit at the fingertip of God."

This was quite compelling for me, because I have been feeling as though this is a theme that has been popping up regularly in my life these days: Emotions as actual forces for manifestation and strength.

Think about Gratitude as a Force. I learned an important lesson about Gratitude the other day. Throughout my life, I have been able to manifest so many things I wanted. But manifestation is simply an energy circuit. You put out the energy of a thought and that thought manifests and comes back around as a reality.

So when you are grateful for something, you put that gratitude out there as energy, which arcs out into the Universe and comes back, completing the circuit - like a giant sphere of goodness. But when that energy returns to you, it brings good things back into your life.

Ok, back to the lesson I learned: When I have a lot on my plate to accomplish, like most of you, I tend to get overwhelmed. When that happens, I am like a worm on a hot griddle! I get restless and I want to run away. Now by "run away" I mean I start looking for a way to get out of my current circumstances. I start reading magazine articles about living overseas. I talk about moving. I become discontent with my current circumstances.

This pattern of restlessness has played out over and over throughout my life. (I even wrote a blog about Restlessness.) The problem is, moving doesn't solve anything! It is simply a ploy to avoid whatever it is that I do not want to do. I am a master procrastinator.

Yet I am embarrassed to share this with you, because I have so much to be grateful for! And I forget that from time to time. I become discontent and restless, and I stop projecting my gratitude out to the Universe. Gratitude, like any other emotion, is energy.

So recently, when I shifted my "gratitude energy" from our home and place here and placed it somewhere else, immediate problems began popping up: The dogs strayed on to our neighbor's land and chased her cat and her cows. The water in the well dropped very low. The panels blew off the greenhouse. You get the idea.

Immediately, I knew what had happened. I had moved my energy from this place, allowing other negative energies to flow in. Nature abhors a vacuum!

Now I am refocused. I am aware that my thoughts and emotions are energetic -- they have power. I can use that both to my benefit and to my detriment. The choice is mine.

Know that you, too, have power. Your emotions are powerful. Your choices are powerful. Remember that Love is a force, gratitude is a force, compassion is a force. Use these powerful forces to your advantage.

And don't forget that you can always ask The Universe or God for help. We can easily lose ourselves in the busy-ness of each day, and we forget that simply putting out a request to the Universe for whatever we need can be a very powerful tool.

You don't have to feel that you are struggling all alone through life. There is help all around you in the form of invisible guidance. You can call them angels, spirit guides, God, Jesus, Universal Consciousness, or Higher Self. Whatever it is for you, even if you don't believe it, give it a try.

Go somewhere you can be alone and no one can hear you. Then simply ask. Ask for what you need. Then close your eyes and imagine that you have it. What is that like? What is it like to be filled with love? What it is like to be a compassionate person? What is it like to have abundance in whatever form that word takes for you?

Then allow your heart to be filled with gratitude. Thank the source of goodness that you just appealed to and allow that thankfulness to saturate your whole being.

Now go about your day and do something really good for someone. And whatever chores or duties you do today, make them fun!

See you in the next blog!

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