Controlled Remote Viewing

Is it the End of the World? Will climate change burn up the planet? Will all the bees die off? Will the oceans rise and drown us all? Interestingly, most of our fears relate back to fear of death or suffering. As Woody Allen so famously said, "I am not afraid of death. I just don't want to be there when it happens."

Instead of all the negative "what if's" we can conjure up, let's try creating some positive "what if's:" What if more and more people become conscious? What if the efforts on the part of so many begin to pay off? What if this reality is merely a hologram and we are all here as part of a greater tapestry of experience?

If you wonder what I mean by that, here it is: Due to many experiences, I have come to believe that we are all connected. Just as the cells that make up your fingertips allow you to feel various textures and temperatures, what if each of us is like a cell on God's hand, allowing God to feel and experience? This analogy is lacking in that I don't think of God as a Being, but more of a State of Being of which we all form part.

My explorations have shown me that everything that exists -- all life, all energy, even spirits, angels and whatever you can conceive of that exists -- is part of this huge cosmic tapestry. Each one of us is a thread in that tapestry, and our choices create the patterns of the tapestry.

I used to fear regretting my own mistakes almost more than anything else I was afraid of. Shame and regret were two emotions that would cause me to tremble in their shadow. But now I see that we have no reason to fear these emotions. Whatever we experience in the scale of human emotions is part of our divine life "school" -- allowing us to know what it means to be alive in these physical bodies.

And I have come to understand that God is Love. While that sounds so simple (after all, the Bible credits Jesus with having said it first) -- it is truly profound. Love is not merely an emotion. Love is a Force within the Universe and we are all a part of that Force -- that State of Being known as God.

CRV has helped me understand these various states of Being, and has eliminated many of the fears I used to have regarding the many "unknowns" of life. Isn't it exciting to know that we have the vehicle we need to explore the Universe and all of its mysteries? We have been given a tremendous gift! Our brains and our minds, both conscious and subconscious, are amazing! With proper training, there is nothing we can't explore, no questions we cannot ask.

Now is the time to be bold, to march forward and ask those questions! Cast aside your fears and tune in. Let's get the answers this world so badly needs.

If you are looking for answers and would like to become your own best friend and advisor, CRV may be right for you.  Look at the Classes tab on our home page to read about my various courses and sign up today!

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