Can you use targets you have already viewed?

"Can you use targets that you have already tried to view?"
Yes!  In fact, the disk you took home randomly selects targets, and you could feasibly get the same target more than once.  That is good for several reasons.  I'll list two of them here.
  • One, you have to deal with the President (your conscious mind) asking, "Could this be a target I have already viewed?" or "Could this be that Taj Mahal target I viewed last week?"  Having to deal with those questions is good because it makes you a tough viewer.  You have to get past the President and let the subconscious do its job.
  • Two, by viewing the same target more than once, you are "building a memory path to the target."  Doing that theoretically makes it easier and easier to view.  And not just for you to view, but for other viewers as well.
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