Controlled Remote Viewing

Discover your passions!

Yes, CRV is an amazing self discovery tool!

And so often, the answers we fear are much less frightening than we thought.

Years ago, I met a woman who told me that she had had a difficult relationship with her now-deceased mother, and she knew that this relationship was the root of many of her current life issues. When she had the opportunity to have hypnosis to review that relationship, she refused because she was afraid to look at it.

Finally, one day she agreed to go under hypnosis to look at her relationship with her mother. To her surprise, she discovered forgotten moments of love and tenderness.  She was able to see her mother in a totally different light -- a light bathed in love and happiness. This hypnosis session totally changed her and it changed the way she looked at her relationship with her mother.

Remote Viewers have the ability to get answers that the untrained mind cannot fathom. Yet, do we choose to go after those answers?

Why don't we get the answers we seek, using every tool at our disposal? Perhaps, like the woman I mentioned, we are afraid of what we will find.

Are you ready to awaken and harness your ability to access information and solutions? 

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