Choice and the "Circus Mind"

(c) Lori Williams 2017

Do you ever feel like your mind is a Circus?

Sometimes, it feels as though my mind has become a circus.   Random tunes occasionally play in my head all day long, as though the Universe wants to get a message to me with fun lyrics. "Then I saw her face! Now I'm a Believer! Not a trace! Of doubt in my mind!" "Whisper words of wisdom -- Let It Be...." "I'm pickin' up good vibrations. She's givin' me excitations. Good ... bop em bop...mmmm... good vibrations..."

Rather than ignoring the tunes, I find that when I stop and listen, I can meditate on the meaning behind the lyrics. Sometimes it is just nonsense. (That is why I call it "circus mind.") Other times, the lyrics speak to something specific I am going through at the moment and offer me wisdom I had been pointedly avoiding.

Do you ever do that? Do you ignore that still small voice that encourages you to let go of an old resentment that continually pops up to bug you or that asks you to look at some deep-seated anger?

Awakening Spirits...

A beautiful butterfly ready to fly to new adventures, a perfect metaphor for people who are ready to burst out of the cocoon of convention

Recently, I have been re-reading one of my favorite books, Awakening Spirits by Tom Brown, Jr. Tom relates the story of an Apache shaman who is on a vision quest to get answers to some of life's greatest questions. He wants to understand the religions of man and find the common thread among them. Traversing high mountains and finally the valley of the White Man, he comes upon a wise white man and an Asian Buddhist. These three men talk for many days, and come to realize that the Sacred Silence of the Apache is the meditation of the wise white man and the Buddhist.

They discover together that meditation takes many forms. For some, it is the goal. For others, it is a path to enlightenment. Some sit and meditate. Others find meditation to be a constant way of being -- whilst walking or washing dishes, for example.

Still questioning, the men feel that something is missing. There is still a gap in the chain of life's understanding. Could it be that we are looking in the wrong places, they wonder? If we have not found it in all of our wanderings, perhaps the answer is not outside of us -- perhaps all the answers we seek are inside of our own hearts.

Happy with this revelation, the men go their separate ways. After a few days of walking, the exhausted young Apache falls into a deep sleep. His guide appears to him and tells him that he will receive one final revelation from the guide, and after that, this particular guide will not see him again until he passes over the Great Divide.

Hungry with anticipation, the young Apache eagerly awaits the profound revelation that will give him the answers he seeks. What could it be? What is the key to LIFE?

"Choice." says the guide ... and instantly disappears.

Of course! The young Apache realizes the wisdom that has just been set before him. Choice! We can choose whether to be happy, or sad, or angry, or peaceful. And the choices we make determine much in our lives. We cannot always control what happens to us. But we can choose how we react to life's ups and downs.

Are you ready to do "Greater Things"?

The Universe (God, Jesus, Source...) brings us what we need when we need it. Sometimes our most difficult times can become the fuel we need to propel us to greater things. "Greater things" can be defined in many ways. Perhaps, for some of us, "greater things" simply means greater understanding, greater peace, and greater compassion. For others, it may mean stepping in to that which really scares you.

What scares you? Does it scare you to be noticed? Does it scare you to think that you are invisible or forgotten? Does it scare you to be alone? Or does it scare you to be in crowds? Are you frightened by the uncertainty of life?

It's ok.  I'm with you there!  I know what it feels like -- all of it.  As an empath, I experience all of these fears from time to time.

Life is uncertain. None of us really knows what tomorrow brings. But how can we deal with that uncertainty? How can we live with that constant fear?

The answer, I am learning, is to embrace it. There is no escaping the uncertainty that surrounds us. Controlled Remote Viewing is a great metaphor for life. Working with hundreds of remote viewing students, I find that some don't practice very often. Why is that? I believe it is because of the uncertainty that CRV represents. Just as it is with life, when doing CRV, we are stumbling in the dark, never knowing (until we see the feedback) whether we are right or wrong, on target or off.

Then we discover that we nailed it. Ecstasy! Euphoria! It feels like we just won the lottery!

Or, we blew it. We completely missed the target. When that happens, I teach my students, dig into that session and find out what happened. The information will astound you. You may discover that a certain apparently-innocent target photo somehow reminded you of a painful past event that you thought you let go of long ago. Or that you have an unrecognized phobia that has held you back from so many opportunities life tried to offer you.

CRV as a Self-Discovery Tool 

Discover your passions!

Yes, CRV is an amazing self discovery tool!

And so often, the answers we fear are much less frightening than we thought.

Years ago, I met a woman who told me that she had had a difficult relationship with her now-deceased mother, and she knew that this relationship was the root of many of her current life issues. When she had the opportunity to have hypnosis to review that relationship, she refused because she was afraid to look at it.

Finally, one day she agreed to go under hypnosis to look at her relationship with her mother. To her surprise, she discovered forgotten moments of love and tenderness.  She was able to see her mother in a totally different light -- a light bathed in love and happiness. This hypnosis session totally changed her and it changed the way she looked at her relationship with her mother.

Remote Viewers have the ability to get answers that the untrained mind cannot fathom. Yet, do we choose to go after those answers?

Why don't we get the answers we seek, using every tool at our disposal? Perhaps, like the woman I mentioned, we are afraid of what we will find.

God, Love and the Universe

Is it the End of the World? Will climate change burn up the planet? Will all the bees die off? Will the oceans rise and drown us all? Interestingly, most of our fears relate back to fear of death or suffering. As Woody Allen so famously said, "I am not afraid of death. I just don't want to be there when it happens."

Instead of all the negative "what if's" we can conjure up, let's try creating some positive "what if's:" What if more and more people become conscious? What if the efforts on the part of so many begin to pay off? What if this reality is merely a hologram and we are all here as part of a greater tapestry of experience?

If you wonder what I mean by that, here it is: Due to many experiences, I have come to believe that we are all connected. Just as the cells that make up your fingertips allow you to feel various textures and temperatures, what if each of us is like a cell on God's hand, allowing God to feel and experience? This analogy is lacking in that I don't think of God as a Being, but more of a State of Being of which we all form part.

My explorations have shown me that everything that exists -- all life, all energy, even spirits, angels and whatever you can conceive of that exists -- is part of this huge cosmic tapestry. Each one of us is a thread in that tapestry, and our choices create the patterns of the tapestry.

I used to fear regretting my own mistakes almost more than anything else I was afraid of. Shame and regret were two emotions that would cause me to tremble in their shadow. But now I see that we have no reason to fear these emotions. Whatever we experience in the scale of human emotions is part of our divine life "school" -- allowing us to know what it means to be alive in these physical bodies.

And I have come to understand that God is Love. While that sounds so simple (after all, the Bible credits Jesus with having said it first) -- it is truly profound. Love is not merely an emotion. Love is a Force within the Universe and we are all a part of that Force -- that State of Being known as God.

CRV has helped me understand these various states of Being, and has eliminated many of the fears I used to have regarding the many "unknowns" of life. Isn't it exciting to know that we have the vehicle we need to explore the Universe and all of its mysteries? We have been given a tremendous gift! Our brains and our minds, both conscious and subconscious, are amazing! With proper training, there is nothing we can't explore, no questions we cannot ask.

Now is the time to be bold, to march forward and ask those questions! Cast aside your fears and tune in. Let's get the answers this world so badly needs.

If you are looking for answers and would like to become your own best friend and advisor, CRV may be right for you.  Look at the Classes tab on our home page to read about my various courses and sign up today!















to Choice and the "Circus Mind"

  1. by Donald Lord

    On September 13, 2017 at 10:28 pm

    What you spoke about love is so true. It is a force and a beautiful "state of being." This post is your best yet, truly. (It is a copied keeper.)
    The universe seems to be a fabric of connected energy. A fractal of an atom is a universe. It is all a cosmic tapestry that you mentioned.
    Thank you, Lori, thank you.


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