Controlled Remote Viewing

The Universe (God, Jesus, Source...) brings us what we need when we need it. Sometimes our most difficult times can become the fuel we need to propel us to greater things. "Greater things" can be defined in many ways. Perhaps, for some of us, "greater things" simply means greater understanding, greater peace, and greater compassion. For others, it may mean stepping in to that which really scares you.

What scares you? Does it scare you to be noticed? Does it scare you to think that you are invisible or forgotten? Does it scare you to be alone? Or does it scare you to be in crowds? Are you frightened by the uncertainty of life?

It's ok.  I'm with you there!  I know what it feels like -- all of it.  As an empath, I experience all of these fears from time to time.

Life is uncertain. None of us really knows what tomorrow brings. But how can we deal with that uncertainty? How can we live with that constant fear?

The answer, I am learning, is to embrace it. There is no escaping the uncertainty that surrounds us. Controlled Remote Viewing is a great metaphor for life. Working with hundreds of remote viewing students, I find that some don't practice very often. Why is that? I believe it is because of the uncertainty that CRV represents. Just as it is with life, when doing CRV, we are stumbling in the dark, never knowing (until we see the feedback) whether we are right or wrong, on target or off.

Sometimes we find that we blew it. We completely missed the target. When that happens, I teach my students, dig into that session and find out what happened. The information will astound you. You may discover that a certain apparently-innocent target photo somehow reminded you of a painful past event that you thought you let go of long ago. Or that you have an unrecognized phobia that has held you back from so many opportunities life tried to offer you.

Then we discover that we nailed it. Ecstasy! Euphoria! It feels like we just won the lottery!

We live from moment to moment, not really knowing what the next moment will bring. But what if you could know? How would that affect your relationships? How would that affect your finances? Most importantly, how would that affect your life?

Learning Controlled Remote Viewing can increase those moments of spontaneous knowing. As I work with my students through the Advanced Levels, the training is about learning to get information instantly, as needed. When we need a lot of detail about a particular target, CRV is the best! Yet, we won't always have the opportunity to sit at a table with a piece of paper and spend 40 minutes writing. And while the distant future is an elusive thing, hard to capture -- being able to know what is going to happen in the next few hours or days can allow us to be a step ahead. CRV: Live Smarter.

Are you ready to awaken and harness your ability to access information and solutions? 

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