Controlled Remote Viewing

“Ye Have Not Because Ye Ask Not”

These are the words that came to me this morning as I meditated.  As a personal reminder, this spoke to me.  So many times throughout my life, I’ve benefited from miraculous and unexplained assistance -- when I have remembered to ask for help, that is!

But we humans are stubborn beings, determined to do things the hard way.  I have to remind myself to ask for help -- and when I do, help always arrives, often in a form I didn’t expect!

Of course, I am referring to asking for help just navigating the slings and arrows of our daily lives!

I'll be going deeper into the process of asking questions... you can also watch or read this video article if you want help on how to remote view.

But what about asking questions in general?

Just as we have to remember to ask for help in our everyday lives, as remote viewers and/or psychics, we have to remember to ask the right questions when viewing a target.

For many of my students, remote viewing itself isn’t as challenging as learning to ask the right questions about the target.  And then, once they ask the right questions, learning to accept the first thing that comes to mind as a response becomes the next task.

Questions as an Artform

Asking the right question is an artform in remote viewing!  It truly is!  My mentor often used to say, “The difference between a good remote viewer and a world-class remote viewer is curiosity.” Someone then asked him in response, “How do I get curious about the target?”  He answered, “How can you not be curious?”

But the student may simply have been trying to express she just didn’t know what to ask, or when.

After all, the beginning of every CRV session is like waking up in the dark and having no idea where you are.  Most people would ask, “Where am I? What is this place???”

The CRV Process of Phases 1 and 2

In Phase 1 of the CRV process, we begin with the language of ideograms -- symbols that represent major gestalts.  Then, in Phase 2, we move to each of the gestalts we found in Phase 1, gathering information about them, building on the foundation we laid in Phase 1.

Once we are in Phase 2, we focus on descriptive words.  When nothing is coming to us, we can use ‘cues’ or prompts to help restart the flow of adjectives or descriptive words again.

Cues can be one-word questions, such as ‘color?’ or they can be full-on two-part questions, like ‘Tell me about the _________ you mentioned.  Color?’.

Movement Commands and Action Cues

We have two types of 2-part cues:  Movement Commands and Action Cues.

A Movement Command always begins with the word, “MOVE” and directs the viewer to move to various parts of the target.

Anything that draws your interest at the target is fair game for a movement command. For example, “Move to the ‘pink’ you mentioned and describe.”

An Action Cue directs the Viewer to interact with the target, such as ‘Mentally lick the target. Taste?’ or ‘Mentally clap your hands at the target.  Sounds?’.

These cues are designed to help anyone -- Remote Viewer or Psychic -- to get more information about any target, anywhere in Time or Space.

Movement commands and any other Action Cues are always phrased in two-parts:  The first part is directed to the Subconscious mind.  The second part is directed to the Conscious mind.

Last, But Not Least…

Once you have explored the various gestalts you found at the target through Phases 1 and 2, you may wonder (because you are oh-so-curious, right?) just how the various gestalts relate to each other.  That is an excellent question!

To get the answer(s) -- simply use another Movement Command.

Here is an example of how you would word a movement command to discover the relationship between the gestalt of Water and the Manmade gestalt you found at the target:  Move to the relationship between the Water and the Manmade and describe.  Be sure not to forget that last part.

The ‘and describe’ part is important, because it gives your Conscious Mind/Ego/President of Your Company something to do.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into the CRV world.  If you would like to learn more about doing Controlled Remote Viewing, check out our article on Remote Viewing Training.

Until next time, have fun viewing!

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