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December is one of my favorite times of the year, especially when the air smells crisp and fresh and everything holds the sweet promise of good things to come. With all the talk of the Mayan Calendar and the end of the World, remember to envision the future you really want, rather than the future you fear.  Check out the article "Are Fear Pathogens Eating Your Brain?" in this issue!

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Taken December 8th, 2012 while Jim and Lori were visiting family in Oklahoma City, OK.



Are “Fear Pathogens” Eating Your Brain?
by Lori Williams
December 19, 2012

Why is it that some nights are so difficult?

As lives go, mine is right up there with some of the best.  I have a loving family, a wonderful marriage, and a comfortable home.  So why do I wake up some nights and find myself feeling afraid?  Throughout my life, people have always commented on how fearless I am.  So what am I so afraid of now?

Well, we live in scary times.  As a natural empath, I believe that I sometimes tend to “pick up” on the emotions that are flowing through the ethers at night when I sleep.  And a part of me wonders if I am doing enough.  There are more threats facing our planet and our country than I can even begin to think about.  So many, in fact, that just a mere glance in that direction overwhelms me.

There is a plethora of “information” on the Internet, YouTube, television, movies, magazines and newspapers focusing on these threats – some of which may or may not exist – and these frightening possibilities are screaming at us from every direction.  So we are literally being brainwashed and assaulted by terrifying scenarios on a regular basis.

What is the purpose of all this?  Is it to motivate people to change for the better or to take corrective action?  Unfortunately (at least as pertains to most of the information I am referring to), that is not the case.  The only conclusion I can come to is that the purpose is to cause fear.

Two days ago, I received a phone call from a student of mine.  Let’s call him Arnold.  Arnold is a middle-aged man living in a beautiful coastal city.  After the usual pleasantries, Arnold proceeded to tell me the reason for his call: He is afraid.  He wonders about the many predictions being made by certain publicity seeking, fear mongering so called “remote viewers” who proclaim terrible things about to befall the planet.  One of them even offers (for large sums of money, of course) special information to those who want to save themselves by fleeing to the only safe places on earth.  The location of these supposedly safe places is known only by this self-proclaimed prophet.   Arnold has been immersing himself in the abundance of doomsday soothsaying, and fears a tsunami will engulf his town, killing him and those he loves.  A talented man with a wonderful personality, Arnold has been secretly struggling with this terrible unspoken fear for a long time.

Then yesterday, I received a series of thesis-length emails from a man who heard me on a recent radio interview.  He wrote to share his research with me.  He has obviously spent some serious time on the Internet, reading a lot of material by these same evil soothsayers, and wants to know my opinion about their dire predictions.  He is concerned about a highly publicized remote viewing project in which some remote viewers were tasked with viewing events in 2013.  This project was managed by a person with the dubious history of having made dire proclamations about an object following a comet some years back.  Those unfamiliar with the mechanics of remote viewing may not realize how easy it is for viewers to become influenced by the ideas of the person managing the remote viewing project.  Many of the predictions made in the past few years have followed the historical (and hysterical) tendencies of those running the projects. Those predictions must be interpreted, and can be colored by the person doing the interpreting.  So I tend to take those with a grain of salt.  A very large grain of salt.

As I write this, my own fears have now evaporated, as if the act of facing them in the light of these words on my computer screen has exposed them and they have fled in response.   Is this anger I feel?  Yes, I am angry at Fear.  And I am angry with those who spread it for their own gain.  And there may be those who truly believe their own predictions and simply feel an obligation to warn others.  But why should people be “warned” about something that they can do nothing to prevent?  Especially when the predictions can so easily be wrong, as so many of them have been in the past.

Remote viewing is at best an imperfect science.   When I look at the track record of the people who are claiming to know what the future holds, I see a lot of unfulfilled prophecies (like the canisters of plant pathogens that never arrived.)  Remote viewers are not God.  Even the best remote viewers are fallible.  As a professional remote viewer with many successful projects under my belt, I know that I can fall prey to my own fears and opinions about the future.  The future is fluid and the very act of trying to peer into it can cause it to change.

How many hours of our lives have been lost as we wander the halls of the Internet, scaring ourselves to death?  And to what purpose?

My advice to the men who contacted me and to all of us is this:  LIVE.  No one gets any guarantees in this life.  No one knows what is going to happen tomorrow.   Fear can paralyze us to the point that we are ineffective.  We become incapable of the simplest acts.  Work suffers.  Loved ones are ignored.

Let’s look at this pragmatically.  Let’s say for the sake of argument that solar flares (the infamous “Kill Shot”) or monster storms or aliens are about to destroy life as we know it.  What can you, personally, do about it?  Is there any place that is truly safe?  And if there is a safe place and you could get there, do you really want to live in the aftermath of such horror?  Perhaps those who die in these scenarios would be the lucky ones.

So if the doomsday folks are correct and you live up to the last second making your life count for something by helping others and experiencing true joy, you die victorious! And if they are wrong, you haven’t wasted precious moments of your life worrying about something that never happened.   So regardless of what the future holds, your best bet is to ignore the sensationalist fear mongering propaganda out there, and spend whatever time you have left on this earth wisely.

There is nothing you or I can do about tomorrow. All we can do is live for today.  Let’s love those around us today.  Let’s give of ourselves today.  Let’s feel joy and happiness today.  Let’s do our best to take care of the planet today.  Because today is all any of us have.


Fifteen Steps to Success! ARV for the Lotto
by Lori Williams

The idea of winning the lottery is fascinating to many people.   Can it be done?  The answer is yes.  It can be and it has been, using the method described in this article.  The keys to winning are practice and patience.   If you can excel at both of these, you are on your way to becoming a winner!  Start simply by practicing with just one number:  the first number of the Pick 3 lottery.

Once you correctly name the first number on the Pick 3 on a consistent basis, you can move on to doing the first AND the second numbers.   When you can get both of those regularly, you can move on to doing all three numbers.  Winning the Pick 3 regularly can really up your monthly income!  To graduate from getting just the first number to getting all three, simply go through these 16 steps three times in one day.  But remember: Don’t try that until you have first become consistent with correctly identifying the first number, and then the first and second numbers.  Don’t rush the process.  Practice makes perfect.

Here are the actual steps to practice your ARV just to get the first number on the Pick 3.   For this example, we will use tastes. You can also use smells or textures or colors or sounds.  Just be sure you have a way to give yourself feedback.  For sounds, I use an iPhone app called “Sounds Real.”

STEP ONE: Type up a huge list of tastes.  You’ll need 30 to 50 tastes that are distinctive.    You may think “That’s impossible!” but it is actually not that difficult.  Go in your kitchen and check out the spice rack, the condiment cupboard, and the candy dish!

STEP TWO: Print out your list.

STEP THREE: Separate the tastes by cutting them into individual slips of paper.

STEP FOUR:  Fold each piece of paper.

STEP FIVE:  Put all of the folded slips into a container (bag, box, hat, etc.) and mix them up.

STEP SIX: When you are ready to try guessing the first number of the Pick Three, choose 10 random slips of paper from your container.

STEP SEVEN:  Line up 10 envelopes and number them from 0 to 9.   (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

STEP EIGHT:  Without looking, put one slip into each envelope.

STEP NINE: Ask yourself the question:  “Move to tonight at ____ o’clock and tell me what you taste.”   (The time you choose depends on when the lottery folks actually do the Pick 3 Drawing for the day.  If it is at 7 p.m., for example, you may want to say, “Move to tonight at 7:15 p.m.and tell me what you taste.”  That will give you an additional 15 minutes from the time the lotto folks draw the number for you to find the right feedback to eat or taste.)  Write down the first thing you notice.  Don’t over think it!

STEP TEN: As soon as you make your guess, open the envelopes.  Be sure to keep the right taste with the right envelope!  Don’t let them get mixed up!

STEP ELEVEN:  Which taste comes closest to your guess?  Let’s say that you guessed chocolate, and you discover when you open the envelopes that the envelope you wrote the number 8 on had a slip in it that says “chocolate.”  Voila!  You have chosen 8 as the first number of tonight’s Pick 3.   If there is no taste to match the one you tasted, you can try choosing the closest one.  For example, if you said “lemon” but there is no lemon, but lime is in one of the envelopes, go with that.

STEP TWELVE:  Wait until feedback time.

STEP THIRTEEN:  When the Pick 3 is drawn, see what the number is on the first ball.  Look at the corresponding envelope.  See what flavor was in that envelope.  Taste that flavor and really get excited about the flavor.  Don’t worry if you were right or wrong.  Just get excited about the correct flavor.  For example, if you tasted mint (which corresponded to envelope number 5) but the first ball was actually number 2 (which corresponded to envelope number 2 - containing the word “vinegar”) then you should taste vinegar at feedback time!   And make a big deal out of the interesting taste of vinegar.!

STEP FOURTEEN:  If you were rightreward yourself by doing something you really enjoy.  (massage, bubble bath, fun game, favorite TV show…).  If you were not correct, don’t get upset.  Taste the right taste (see step 14) and then move on with your activities, knowing that practice makes perfect.

STEP FIFTEEN:  Remove the slips of paper from the envelopes and put them back into the bag or box.  Keeping the lists fresh each time is a good idea.   Next time you practice, you will go through these 16 steps again, and your list will be different.

It is a good idea to have several containers, each with 30 to 50 distinct sensory items in the same category.  So you could have one container with tastes, one with smells, one with sounds, one with textures, and one with colors.

Be sure you have the feedback ready!  Feedback is essential and is what makes ARV work!  The reasons behind this are explained in the ARV manual and in the handout “ARV:  The Controlled Use of Time Loops.”

In other words, if the 10 tastes for today’s practice are:  cherry, vinegar, lime, raw egg white, mint, chocolate, licorice, garlic, salt and roasted almonds, be sure that all 10 of these flavors are on hand to taste.  If you think you taste garlic but then at feedback time, you discover that you don’t have any garlic available to taste, that won’t help the process at all.  In fact, if you don’t give yourself feedback, your subconscious mind will probably not give you an answer to the question:  “Move to tonight at 7 p.m. and tell me what you taste” because in truth, you didn’t (or won’t) taste anything unless you make sure you have the proper feedback taste available.  The same goes for any other sensory.  That is why I like the iPhone app “Sounds Real” – it is an easy way to get feedback for sounds, doesn’t make you gain weight, and is fast, cheap and non-messy.

Most important of all, remember to have fun and enjoy this.  Balance this practice with other activities.  Don’t get obsessed with it.  The more fun you make it, the more successful you will be.

Time to Write...

The photo to the right is a stack of filled journals from the 1990's to present.  Writing is therapy to me.  Students, friends and family have been asking me to write a book for years.  So for the past 2 months (and for the next several months) I have been using every spare moment to write.  I'm writing a heartfelt book with the stories I've never told you.   At the same time, I am writing another book:  A remote viewing "How To" with the stories that illustrate how to overcome the most common challenges a viewer faces.  Some of your stories (names changed of course) will be included.  Most important to me is that the final product will be a book that serves you, the reader.    Please email me at with any requests.  What would YOU most like to read?

As 2012 draws to a close, Jim and I would like to wish you all a Happy Holiday!  May this new year be filled with joy, happiness and good health for you. We hope to see you in 2013.

Much love,
Lori & Jim Williams