Host a CRV Class in Your Area

Be sure to fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

There are two ways to have a class in your area:

  • Email us using the form below.  When we have 6 to 8 students from your general area, we will set up a class!
  • If you would like to host a class, you can take the class at a greatly-reduced rate!  See the information below for details.

Hosting duties include:

  • Contact Lori to coordinate marketing activities.
  • Market the class with local ads and by putting up posters that we will supply for you.
  • Research and find a suitable place to hold the class.
  • Assist in gathering together six to eight students to take the class, guiding them to the website to register.

Once we have six to eight students who have signed up for the class that you organized, we will come to your area!

Class Coordinator/Host Information

Many people have inquired about how to become a Class Coordinator/Host and earn discounts on the Controlled Remote Viewing class.  Here is how our program works:

You can host a class in your location.  If you supply the location (which eliminates our paying for a conference room) you receive $100 per day off the cost of your class.  So you would get $300 off for a 3-day class.  We’ve found that having the class in a nice home is often more comfortable and conducive to learning than a sterile conference room.  The location could be the home of a friend or your own apartment or house.  We would need photos of the exterior of the building and the room we would be using to teach in (for example:  the dining room) and the address of the site.  All locations are subject to approval.

Additional discounts:   For each paying student that you personally refer to the class, you receive another $250 off the cost of your class.  Many students have been able to take the class for free by hosting a 3-day class in a suitable location, and referring 4 to 6 paying students.  The most you are able to receive is the full cost of the class.

Class Date Coordination:  We will work with you to find a date that works for all concerned, and post it on the web.  If you refer anyone who actually takes the class, you receive the discount for that person.  Other people sign up by seeing the class on the calendar via our website.  You do not receive a discount for students who sign up on their own.  A student must verify that they have been referred by you.  We must have four to six paying students (depending on location) in order to cover the cost of travel from Texas.

Our passion is sharing the information!  If we end up with several classes in one vicinity (as we did recently) we don’t necessarily have to have 6 students in each class.

I hope this information is helpful to you.  Please write us via the Contact Form (below) if you have any other questions or if we can help in any way.

Warm regards,

Lori Williams

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