What kind of "psychic" is best?

(Note: This non-CRV post will soon be moved to our other website, but until that website is published, I am keeping it here). I recently returned from a 3-day advanced mediumship workshop. The workshop was outstanding and well-done. The presenter, Lisa Williams, is excellent! One thing I loved was her encouragement to "leave our egos at the door." Why is it that so many people involved in this field become so competitive and jealous? There were 75 of us in one room, and during the exercises, we practiced several methods to conduct mediumship sessions with people unknown to us at the workshop. We sat in circles in close proximity to one another. The sound of talking filled the air. One woman commented to me that she couldn't do a reading in such an atmosphere, because she would get information about everyone around her. She seemed to be quite proud of her amazing psychic ability to "read" everyone in the area! Over the years, I have heard other intuitives make similar comments. However, this is not a good thing, nor something to be proud of. A seasoned psychic or remote viewer is trained to get information about one specific target. If you obtain information about everyone around you, rather than the person you are attempting to help, it doesn't help anyone! So the goal is to practice working in many conditions, and to train your subconscious mind (or spirit guides, or whatever you believe the source of your information is...) to go for the intended target, not just anyone and everyone who happens to be nearby. During the course of the two-day workshop, I overheard several people comment that they were unable to work under such noisy, crowded conditions. It is my goal to provide instruction that will allow the remote viewing students I teach to be "tough viewers" who are able to work under any conditions. This goes for psychics as well.

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