What is a "P7" in CRV?

Note:  If you haven't yet taken the Basic CRV course, this won't make any sense to you, but it still has some good info that may be helpful.

Actually, P7 is something that I teach in Basic class, but SO much information goes into Basic, no one can possibly remember everything. Because it is called "P7," most people think it must be something taught in Advanced class. After all, we only learn Phases 1 through 3 in Basic, right? But the P7 is actually a type of Stray Cat. It comes from the subconscious mind (which is why it isn't an AOL, or Analytic Overlay). Look in your manual under the orange tab. The tab says "Administrative" but it is where I put all of your handouts. There is a handout called "Stray Cats and AOLs." Reading that handout will review a lot of the types of Stray Cats and AOL's we discussed in class, and possibly hit on a few we missed.
Back to the P7: P7's can occur any time, and most people experience them in every day life. In the context of CRV, you are in the midst of a session, setting aside your nouns, and in your mind, you hear the line of song. You write it on the right side of the page, setting it aside as a Stray Cat. Without thinking, you put it in quotation marks, because, after all, it IS a quote. It is a line from a song! As soon as you put it in quotation marks, you realize it is a P7. P7's pop into your head and are usually not your own words. They are typically lines from a song, titles, words from a poem, famous quotes, cliches, etc. The important thing to note is that they are not your own words. In the example from your viewers' manual, look at page 67, the bottom half of the page. It says, "Note: I've had this song, "How delightful. She's an eye full..." going through my mind since I started this session. Frustration: can't get rid of the d___ song!" That was a classic P7. Lyn's target was the Eiffel Tower. Eiffel = Eye Full. See how capricious the subconscious can be? What a great play on words!

I have one student I call "The P7 Queen" because she gets a run of P7's when she is viewing that totally describe the target! In one session, her target was an exotic-looking black woman wearing an ornate sparkly gold costume. She was dancing at night, in Brazil, for Carnival. The student kept hearing "Black Magic Woman" by Santana, and later, "Dancing in the Moonlight." See how it works?

Outside of the context of CRV, be aware of the songs that play in your head throughout the day. They often contain important messages that your subconscious is trying to communicate to you. One day, I was angry at some company for whatever reason that I am unable to recall now. I was fuming and thinking, "I'm going to write them a letter!" when I stopped to listen to the song that I realized had been playing in the background of my mind for the past 30 minutes: "Let it Be" by the Beatles.

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