Subject knowledge vs. frontloading...

May I ask you about something that bothers me a lot? Ingo Swann in his book “Your Nostradamus Factor” wrote: “Careful analysis of correct and failed predictions shows that psychics are most successful when they have extensive knowledge about what they are predicting.”    If you exchange “knowledge” with "frontloading" you see that it goes against many other remote viewers' belief. What is your opinion on this issue?

What Ingo is saying is not about frontloading.  Ingo is talking about subject matter.  For example, if a CRV instructor wants to teach someone how to work with the police, a policeman would do better in the class than a housewife would, because he already understands police work.  If someone wants to learn to use CRV for medical diagnosis, he or she would do better if they already had a medical background.  That goes for any psychic work.   I work with a British medium who used to work in an airplane factory. When anything she does involves airplanes, her predictions are much more specific.  Frontloading is something completely different.   Frontloading, when it is properly done, is taking a specific question (Tell me where I can  find the kidnapper) and neutralizing it before giving the question to the viewer (i.e: "The target is a location.  Describe the location.")  Many thanks to Lyn Buchanan for his excellent input on this question!

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