More questions about Ideograms...

Sometimes when I am doing p2 I go to write down my impression and what I write down is not a word, it is an ideogram. I tried just doing some p1 and p2 on these ideograms and I found out that all the components and words describing them were just lots of smaller ideograms. My mind got really frustrated that I was not understanding whatever brilliant thing it was trying to say. Any advice
on cracking these compounded ideograms?

The fact that you are making ideograms is a good sign that your subconscious mind is in charge of the session. Getting the conscious mind to figure out what the subconscious is trying to say is ... at best... difficult until the two have worked together for a good while, and learned to become friends and partners.  And that comes with... yes, here it is again... practice.  Only by examining your session after you've seen the feedback will you perhaps be able to understand what those ideograms mean. That is why we always stress the importance of post-session analysis. You'll learn more from post-session analysis of your session than you will from the actual viewing itself. Looking over that session, comparing what you got to the feedback, seeing where you built castles and why, figuring out the meaning of the symbolism that many of your stray cats were trying to convey, etc. is what you will gain from your post-session analysis.

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