How can I get time to practice?

When I first began studying CRV in early 1997, I was a busy mom. Friends joked about my "commune" because my Hawaiian husband's mom, sister, brother-in-law, and their four children lived with us and our seven children. Along the way, we took in three additional teenagers! So we did have a houseful. At the time, I worked a full time job that often required my attention after hours and on weekends. So I was extremely busy, to say the least! (Looking back, I wonder how I stayed sane...) Yet, I managed to practice regularly -- once or twice a week. Here's how:

I always kept a clipboard with some paper, a pen and a target photo in a 9 X 12 envelope on me at all times. I carried a slim briefcase-type bag. Whenever I had to wait (in a dentist's office, doctor's office, airport, etc.) I worked on a target. I would often start a session while at home, break to take the children to the park, resume my session at the park, and finish back home! I viewed at the office, while out walking in my neighborhood, at the library... you name it! The benefit was that I quickly learned how to view under ANY circumstances! I could view where it was noisy and confusing. I could view where it was quiet. I could view while alone, and I could view in a crowd. I could view indoors. I could view outdoors. I could start and stop and resume later, and still do well. You can, too! Viewing in a variety of situations will teach you to be a versatile viewer -- which is a very valuable type of viewer to be!

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