Dealing with Subconscious Emotions

What I've learned from years of hypnotherapy with my clients, (as well as my own "self-work" --) is that we often block emotions that we'd rather not feel -- especially pain or anger.  Fear blocks those emotions.  We fear them, and we fear what may lurk behind the walls we've created to protect ourselves from them.  But often, if we can face our fears, the wall crashes down and beyond the pain we initially feel is tremendous joy.  Joy that we haven't felt in years.  It is there, behind the pain we are so afraid of.  It's time to start letting go.  We hear that a lot.  But how do we do it?   First, look at it.  Really look at those emotions you've been sitting on all these years, pretending they are not there.  Once you've acknowledged them, you can sit down and have a good cry, or yell at a photograph, or write everything you feel and then burn it, or talk to someone you can trust and allow all the feelings to be expressed.  Then you'll feel as though you've just had a major cleanse.  You may feel light, free, joyful.  In my practice, I find that so many people have had abuse in their past -- mostly sexual, but also verbal or physical -- or all three.  It is very common, unfortunately.   We are a society of wounded souls, needing comfort.  And once we are able to comfort ourselves, we learn how to comfort others.  And that's where real love and happiness are found.   Be blessed!

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