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Intuitive Specialists is in the process of creating tools for Remote Viewers, Healers and Intuitives.

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The Detox CD

$30 (+ .0825% tax  and $5 shipping and handling)

This CD is to help those who work with others on a regular basis or Remote Viewers who remote view regularly.  We all know how important it is to detox!  This CD is designed to help you detox thoroughly.

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CD’s for CRV Medical Applications Practitioners

$30 Each (+ .0825% tax  and $5 shipping and handling)

CD #1 – The First Floor

This is a versatile CD that includes an instructional review, help with exploring the first floor of your analogical building for the first few times, and a guided tour for subsequent visits.

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CD #2 – The Second Floor

This CD follows the pattern on CD #1 by giving you an instructional review and then a guided tour through the second floor, allowing a lot of freedom and time for exploration.

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CD #3 – Subsequent Floors

This last CD gives a detailed instructional review of all the other floors of the building analogy, and then moves into a guided tour that is open-ended, allowing you to use the CD to visit any of the floors in your building.

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Many remote viewers now use pendulums to find the locations of missing objects or persons, and to get answers to questions within a remote viewing session.  Healers find our pendulums are the perfect weight for conducting energy healing sessions.

Each pendulum is individually handcrafted by Jim Williams.  Jim harvests the wood himself and then shapes each pendulum piece on the lathe in his workshop.  The artist himself initials each piece.  Chains are gold or silver-colored, and at the end of each chain is a semi-precious stone.   Stone used include lapis lazuli, turquoise, carnelian, tiger’s eye, and many others.

The pendulums vary greatly in size.  If you would like a specific size (long or short, for example) or would like to specify the color chain (silver or gold) or the type of stone used, please email Jim at:

Each pendulum comes in a satin drawstring bag.  Smaller pendulums also arrive in a porcelain display egg.

The cost of each pendulum is $35 plus shipping and handling.



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