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When You Feel Like Quitting, Read This!

It feels so good to be writing again! Things are much brighter!

My son-in-law is doing better, thank God! He is handling his treatment well, and there are lots of prayers going up for the whole family.

Jim is doing better, too! He feels terrific, and we feel blessed. While celebrating our anniversary last week, we decided to take a look at our 15 years together…

When we married, we had both come out of 25-year relationships only a few years earlier. Because of that, we were starting out with nothing. We climbed out on a branch and cut it off, so to speak, by buying a house together. During those years, we traveled to Ireland, Russia, Canada and all over the U.S., teaching CRV.

We had a lot of fun adventures in that house -- including some fascinating poltergeist activity -- and after eight years, life took us another direction and we sold it.

Then we moved into a large, 7-bedroom home that was in disastrous shape. Miracles abounded, and we were able to completely take that house back to the studs and remodel it, too! Windows, electric, plumbing, and even some reconstruction! No ghosts, thankfully -- but we did have students galore! The house made a wonderful training center!

Four years later, in 2016, we discovered Earthships while driving near Taos, New Mexico. After binge-watching earthship videos on YouTube for a few weeks, we both felt a change was needed. As parents to nine kids and grandparents to 20 -- with one more on the way! -- we knew we needed to live in a more earth-friendly way.

One night, I said to Jim, “You know what we need? A property with several earthships and lots of land!” The very next day, we found this property in Central New Mexico with three earthships and 80 gorgeous acres.

Along the way, we also discovered that we enjoy traveling in our own little house, so we’ve had a number of motorhomes that we have purchased and sold. These tiny houses on wheels symbolize freedom to me, because you can jump in them and go. Have home, will travel!

This all sounds idyllic, and it has been! But there were challenges too -- like when Jim had a heart attack, a mini-stroke and was diagnosed with cancer all in the same year -- 2010. Or like when I was bucked off a horse in 2014, breaking lots of bones, puncturing a lung and bruising my spleen. That set me back, but I found myself teaching in Long Island only six short weeks later, feeling good as new.

So what do we do when adversity strikes and everything looks black?

We have to re-connect to the Source and find direction through meditation.

After going through the horse-bucking, hospital incident, I learned a lot, and wrote a blog called “When You Feel Like Quitting, Read This.”

Whenever you want to make progress, but you feel as though “you just can’t win fer’ losin’” -- remember that we may not see the light at the end of the tunnel when we are in the middle of the battle, but eventually, we do come out on the other side, and things are better.

Remote Viewers learn this often, because daily practice and growth require a lot of stick-to-it-tive-ness.

All that to say, Hang in there! Things will get better! I love you!


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