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Thanksgiving Newsletter


Happy Thanksgiving!

Left: Molly and George, our constant companions. Right: Lori and her 86-year old Mom in Gatlinburg, TN.

Nowadays, many people carry a niggling worry in the back of their minds that the planet is in trouble. Humans are becoming an endangered species. What does this mean for you and your family?

All of us face challenges, individually and collectively. What is the answer? In order to find the answers, we must think outside the box. We can't go on "business as usual." We need to develop tools, techniques, and technology that go beyond what has always been done.

We need a survival tool for the days ahead.

Controlled Remote Viewing, or CRV, is a wonderful written method which allows a person to access his or her own intuition. Learning CRV will allow you, the Viewer, to describe any location, person, or thing anywhere in all of time or space!

This year has been a banner year for exciting classes. We held our first-ever two week Post Advanced Summit, attended by our most advanced remote viewing students. The curriculum included ERV (Extended Remote Viewing), CRV for Healing Applications, and CRV for Professional Viewers.

Technology has been a terrific way for those who ordinarily might not be able to study with us to attend classes. Our Online Classes have really taken off, with students attending from all over the world, including Taiwan, Brazil, Holland, Australia, Canada and all over the United States.

We have some very exciting classes coming up in 2017. If you feel that drawn to learn this, we encourage you to check them out:

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How to Learn from Your Remote Viewing Sessions!

Get the most out of the time you spend remote viewing!

As Remote Viewers, we always want to be right, right? Accuracy is high on our “feel good” priority list! But most remote viewers tend to be very critical of themselves when they take a first glance at the feedback from a session: “Darn! That is not what I was seeing in my mind at ALL. I suck at remote viewing!”

The truth is, most viewers don’t suck at remote viewing. If we expect the target photo to look exactly like the image in our mind’s eye while we are viewing, we will always be disappointed. Remember, the target photo is what we are judging, not the picture you were holding in your mind.

Another big hurdle for a lot of newer remote viewers is learning to report what they perceived during their sessions. The Final Summary is the all-important “moment of truth” when we as remote viewers must decide what to declare and what to leave out of the report that goes to the customer. This is the only part we score and enter in to the database.

(The full article contains a free "How To" guide to help you get the most from each session you do! Access it here:)

Have you been feeling less-than-grateful lately? Maybe even anxious? Are you having trouble concentrating? Looking for some relief? Keep reading for some tips on how to handle the times ahead.

(Above:) "Half a bubble off..." jokes Jim, who has been working like a fiend, adding shutters, new posts, and fixing up the balcony to the exterior of the Amarillo, Texas training center.
(Left:) Wanting to learn something totally new and different, Lori went to learn about carpentry, masonry, plumbing and electricity at the Greater World Community outside of Taos, NM. Concerned about the future of the planet with regard to pollution, water shortages, etc., we recently discovered Earthships and have decided to become part of the solution, rather than contributing to the problems by learning to build and live in sustainable, off-grid housing. Learn more here:

Comfort in Difficult Times...

Are You Powerless or Powerful?

Nowadays, I can’t blame anyone for feeling panicky or anxious. Fear is a very power catalyst for action. “What if” scenarios abound. Revolution, civil war, the breakdown of society – all of these loom like great shadows over us as we contemplate the future.

What so few realize is how powerful each of us is. Looking for leadership and guidance, we are all too quick to surrender our power to some elected official.

The future – your future – demands that you take personal responsibility for what happens next.You may feel helpless and wonder “How can I possibly have any effect on the future?” But you are not powerless.

Let’s look at some possibilities.
Want to feel better? Access the full article here:


Lori on Coast to Coast AM


October 1st, Lori appeared on a 2-hour interview with guest host Connie Willis
( ) where we discussed Controlled Remote Viewing and some of the most exciting targets viewed by Lori and her most advanced students. The interview generated some great comments ( "That was a real barn burner of an interview! It has been a while since an interview was so interesting that I had to stop what I was doing to listen!" ) and a lot of inquiries for classes and remote viewing information. If you missed the interview and want to check it out, you can do so at the
Coast to Coast AM website:

Recently during a Mentoring Club Meeting with my more Advanced Remote Viewing students, many were finding that the current state of affairs on the planet were causing anxiety and tension. Empaths tend to feel things very strongly. So our meeting that night was structured toward a state of peace, recognizing that we are all co-creators of this reality. As such, we have the ability to change things through our consciousness. I began to lead them in a meditation which just flowed straight from the heart, and felt directed or guided somehow. And I am honored to share it with you here. May it bless you as it has us.

Access the Meditation here:

Upcoming Classes listed here.
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December 2 - 4, 2016: (SOLD OUT) Advanced CRV Classes>
January 13 - 1, 2017: Basic CRV Classes
February 4 & 5, 2017: ARV: Associative Remote Viewing
February 24 - 26, 2017: Basic CRV Classes
March 31 -April 2, 2017: Intermediate CRV Classes
April 28 - 30, 2017: Advanced CRV Classes
May 19-21, 2017: Basic CRV Classes

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Left Photo: Delighted by a visit from friends Lance and Christina. Lance is the director of the exciting new documentary THIRD EYE SPIES. We are honored to be featured in that documentary along with some of my students. Coming soon in 2017!!! Check out trailers here:
Right Photo: Some of the students attended the Remote Viewing Summit in Amarillo as we visited the gorgeous Palo Duro Canyon!
Much love to all,
Lori Williams

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