How much time should I spend in session?

When you are first beginning to practice after taking the Basic CRV class, I suggest you spend as much time as you need to in order to complete a full session, including the summary.   You are still becoming familiar with the structure.  Soon, it becomes second-nature.  You'll find it takes less and less time to complete a session, because you no longer have to think about the structure.  When you get to that point, it is time to diversify.  Try setting a timer and giving yourself 30 minutes to do a session.  This is an especially good practice if you intend to use your skills to help find missing people or in any professional capacity, because it teaches you how to get the information quickly under pressure.   Mix that technique with taking as long as you want to do a session.  You'll find that 2 hours have passed and you didn't even notice because you were so engrossed in the session.   Lastly, try taking one session and breaking it up over several days, 30 to 45 minutes per day.  This has several benefits, including teaching your subconscious that it can't always get the feedback immediately (because you are forcing it to wait and give more info over the course of several days) AND it helps you get a great amount of detail, especially for Intermediate and Advanced students.  The reason for the great amount of detail with this method goes back to "building a memory path to the target."  Each time you visit the target, it gets easier to view.  By the 3rd or 4th day, on some level you begin to feel as though you KNOW this target, it is familiar -- you've been here before.  That is a great feeling.  You can zip right in there and get more information right away.  For me, this method has lead to a few "perfect site integration" experiences... Fun!  And as I always like to remind folks, don't let it be drudgery.  Have a good time!  When you have fun doing your sessions, it makes the whole process easier and more exciting.

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