Online Mentoring Club

Hello and Welcome to the CRV ONLINE MENTORING CLUB!

Excellence, Accuracy, and Professionalism in Remote Viewing

Mentoring Club Information:

The Online CRV Mentoring Club, hosted by Lori Williams, CRV Instructor.  This mentoring is for students who are really serious about improving their viewing skills and who are willing to put in the work to achieve their goals.  As mentioned above, the goals we are striving for via this CRV mentoring club are excellence, accuracy and professionalism.

The International Online Mentoring Club meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month.  Lori Williams hosts the meeting live and online at noon Mountain Standard Time (MST).  That is 8 p.m. in many European countries, 7 p.m. in the UK.

The Basic Online Mentoring Club meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m. MST.

The Advanced Online Mentoring Club meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month at 6 p.m. MST.

  • Please Note: There will be times that we have to change the normal date or time of the meeting due to circumstances beyond our control, such as trips abroad, classes, illness, etc.  We try to notify everyone about the date of the next meeting via email or we discuss the change during the meeting itself.


Once you have signed up and paid, you will receive a Go To Meeting link to join the meeting.

For instructions on how to get in to the meeting and/or
To Join, write to

Monthly Cost:
$80 by check, $85 by PayPal or credit card.  We now have a button to easily pay through PayPal just for our mentoring students!   It is located at the very bottom of the page found via this link:

(Please pay by the 1st of the month that you intend to participate.  Thank you!)

Recording Only Option:  Occasionally, viewers find themselves between jobs, or traveling, or having visitors or a very busy month at work.  For those times, we offer a “recordings only” option.  This option is $45 per month and supplies recordings of the meetings only.

Supplies You May Need:

  1. Blank white paper
  2. A black Pilot G-2 07 gel pen
  3. A clock
  4. A surface to write on

Supplies For Advanced Viewers: 

      1. Ruler
      2. Pendulum
      3. Onion skin paper for map dowsing
      4. Modeling clay
      5. A small rolling pin
      6. Sculpting tools
      7. Waxed paper or baker’s paper to build 3-D models on (to protect your table)
      8. Building blocks.

For the modeling clay, I recommend Sculpy brand because it never dries out or hardens.   The clay, rolling pin and sculpting tools can be purchased at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.   I use Imaginarium brand building blocks from Toys “R” Us.


  1. Completion of (at minimum) Basic CRV
  2. The ability to scan your sessions and send them to me via email.
  3. Internet access
  4. Willingness to learn to use the CRV Xcel Spreadsheet to write your summaries.
  5. Willingness to learn to create both an outline summary and an essay summary.


What to Expect:

      • A great learning experience
      • A vast improvement in your remote viewing skills
      • Some simulated “Operational Viewing” scenarios, requiring that you meet deadlines.
      • (Eventually, based on skill level:) Gradual introduction to a wide variety of operational-type targets, including some that may have emotional content and some mildly-esoteric targets.
      • Honest, patient, and compassionate evaluation of your assignments with:
      • Instructional guidance on how to improve:
        • your structure,
        • accuracy,
        • amount of detail, and
        • ability to produce a well-written summary of your findings at the target.

Additional Information:

      • GoToMeeting has a record feature, so the meetings will be archived. We have discovered that occasionally, technology fails us (or Lori’s memory…) and the meetings do not always get recorded. For this reason, a Dropbox link to recorded meetings is offered as something extra, but is not guaranteed. If you have to miss a meeting, you can go back and listen. When you receive a recording for a meeting that you have missed, that fulfills our obligation to you as a viewer for that week.  However, please note that if you miss a meeting, you may not receive an evaluation of your session work for that week.
      • We will occasionally have “theme-focused” meetings, based on the needs of the group.  For example, we will sometimes assign exercises designed to improve your observation skills and other skills necessary to be a good remote viewer.  One meeting will be dedicated to post-session analysis to see how your personal Castle Building begins.  Another meeting will be dedicated to studying groups of sessions to study your ideogrammic patterns – what is your subconscious mind trying to teach you?  We will also be discussing “abreactions” to the subconscious flow of information.  What happens when you are afraid of something at the target, such as water, heights, or blood?
      • Skill Builders:  We sometimes do viewing practice to build skills in various genres, such as “people targets,” “manmade targets,” “technology targets,” “events,” “activities,” “processes,” etc.
      • CRV Buddies:  Occasionally, we assign every viewer a fellow student as a monitor.  These monitor/viewer teams have been a huge success!  Students comments:  “Having someone to practice with between our online group meetings has helped me tremendously!”  “The accountability of meeting with someone online to practice has really been helpful.”  “My skill levels have really increased since I started working with my CRV Buddy.”
      • While we cannot guarantee that every student will be assigned a buddy, we will do our best to ensure you have someone you can work with as often as possible.
      • Some targets may be stretched out over the course of the month, with specific re-tasking in-between.  What that means is: you won’t always get feedback at each meeting.  Sometimes you will be retasked.  This helps decrease dependency on getting instant feedback.
      • Please be sure to write with any questions you have before we begin.  Between meetings, you can send in your questions and I will address them at the meeting.  You are always welcome to request anonymity if you would prefer that no one know who asked the question.
      • Rest assured that everyone is “in the same boat” as you, wanting to become a world-class remote viewer, yet sometimes feeling insecure, unsure, discouraged, etc.  This group has been formed to help everyone get better, more accurate, detailed information.
      • When I am offered paid projects and/or when a Project Manager contacts me about a paid project and asks me to recommend good viewers, I suggest those viewers who have been working with me steadily via the Mentoring Club.

If you are interested in joining this group, please email us at:

See you soon!



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