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Intuitive Specialists offers Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Controlled Remote Viewing classes. The curriculum we offer was written by Lyn Buchanan, one of the military remote viewers and a former trainer in the military’s remote viewing unit.  Lori Williams, co-owner of Intuitive Specialists, is a professional controlled remote viewer and a very accomplished CRV Instructor with over 13 years’ experience.  She has worked and taught with Lyn Buchanan since 1997, and teaches his curriculum with his encouragement and blessing.  Lori is the first qualified certified civilian instructor since the military program closed down.  As the “military aspect” of CRV begins to fade into history, Lori is a proud member of the Professional Controlled Remote Viewers Association,  a skilled cadre of professionally-trained remote viewers who are spearheading an effort to carry Controlled Remote Viewing in to the future. Lori is well-known for teaching her students practical ways to utilize their CRV skills in their daily lives.

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The beauty of the classes offered by Intuitive Specialists:

  • Experienced instructors make all of our classes easy to learn
  • Top quality manuals and study materials
  • Friendly and down-to-earth
  • Plenty of one-on-one instruction
  • Lots of interaction and opportunities to practice what you are learning with the instructor’s oversight and guidance.
  • Classes are kept small and intimate
  • Once you have paid for and taken any class with us, you are welcome to re-take the class (space-permitting) at NO COST for up to two years after graduation.
  • Post-class guidance and follow up
  • Unsurpassed Follow Up:  At Intuitive Specialists, our students become our friends. After class, you’ll be practicing at home. You may have questions and need answers. We are here for you. Our informative FAQ answers many of the most frequently-asked questions. In addition, our instructors are available by email or phone for quick answers that the FAQ does not provide.

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