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In addition to providing the most advanced remote viewing instruction in the world today, Intuitive Specialists also offers remote viewing services.  Read this page to see if having a professional remote viewer or a team of viewers helping you could give you the edge you are looking for to meet your personal and/or professional life goals.

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In the Corporate World today, many executives wonder (for example) how their newest product line will be received by the public, or whether a certain location will be a good place to open a new branch.

Remote Viewing can provide advanced information to help companies prepare for change, hire the best employees and see future trends.   Some corporations are even realizing the benefit of having an “in house” remote viewing team on staff.  Intuitive Specialists can train your team, providing the most up-to-date and advanced training available today.


Intuitive Specialists’ team of Advanced Professional Remote Viewers have participated in many notable archeological projects, providing information that could not be obtained through any other means, and saving scientists, divers and explorers immense amounts of time by leading them directly to artifacts and locations of interest.


We all experience those upsetting times when we know we need a change, but have no idea how to go about making that change.  All of us know the panic of losing something valuable or the agony of trying to make an emotional decision that could have a tremendous impact on our future.  Having a session completed by a professional remote viewer could be your “ace in the hole” to get that life advantage you have been seeking.

Here is a very short list of example questions we can help with. There are so many ways CRV can help, it was hard to choose such a small list for the website.  Email Project Manager Jim Williams ( regarding your personal question.

  • My father has a stomach ache and the doctors can’t find the cause. Can you help to see what might be the reason for the stomach ache?
  • My dog is missing. Where is he/she?
  • My friend has been upset with me for a week. What did I do wrong?
  • I need to increase my sales volume. What is the best way for me to do that?
  • How can I know which house the couple coming to see me next week is going to buy? How can I help them find the perfect house?
  • I am considering investing in a new business venture with a partner. If I do, what are some of the ways my life will change? How can I know whether this would be a positive or negative move in my life?
  • I’ve been looking for a new job. I’ve received offers from three different companies. Which one should I choose?

Important Note:

If the question at hand involves a criminal situation, such as a missing person, we work directly with the police or investigative agencies, rather than with the families involved. Please note that, for ethical reasons, we do not work on sessions involving spying on other people (infidelity, for example) or spying on businesses (corporate espionage).

Mentoring Services

In September of 2013, we began our Online Mentoring Club, which soon branched into three online mentoring clubs!  These clubs have been so valuable for the members, as they receive 4 hours of live webinar class time with Lori Williams, in addition to regular assignments and session projects, critiques of their work and answers to their questions!

The Basic Club assists the recently-graduated student so that when they finish their first class, they won’t feel alone.  Instead, they have regular, live, face-to-face contact with their instructor, Lori Williams, twice a month!  Their skills continue to improve at a steady rate with continual guidance.

The Advanced Mentoring Club has produced some of the best, most skilled remote viewers in the world who are now offering their services to the public as professional viewers. Some of these members graduate to become part of Intuitive Specialists’ professional viewing team!

The Mentoring Club is an affordable way to get the personal attention and the group dynamic at the same time, saving hundreds of dollars over the cost of individual private mentoring with Lori.

To join the mentoring club, or just to find out more details, click this link:  Mentoring Club Info

For a limited time, you can also have individual, one-on-one private mentoring with Lori Williams at the rate of only $100 per hour. After class, some students choose to work with Lori for one-hour-per-week in order to raise the quality of their session work to the professional level. This method allows the student to practice with the mentor right there, helping the student gain a high degree of accuracy and detail.  However, if you are able to  do it, the Mentoring Club is a great option to save money and to have the benefit of working with other students!

For personal mentoring, we use  If you have a webcam and a microphone, it works beautifully.   You can see Lori and she can see you.   Each week, we focus on the area in which you need help the most.  We start by you sending Lori a session you have done recently at home by yourself.  She goes over the session with her red pen (Oh no!  Not the RED PEN!!!)  — (Yes, the red pen.)

The most important thing to start with is your CRV structure.  We have to get that right in order for everything else to fall in to place.

From there, we build on your skills.  Each week, you will have a different assignment.  Each assignment is specifically designed just for you.  This is not a one-size-fits-all program.  The tasks are individualized so that they strengthen the areas you need most.  When we meet at our scheduled time, we will go over the work you did.  Each session builds on the one before it.  It is a “learn by doing” method, and is very effective.

The mentoring program is very encouraging and builds your confidence and your skills as a remote viewer.  To request individualized mentoring, write us at:


“CRV, I am beginning to realize, is a never-ending learning process. After four workshops with Lyn Buchanan, I wanted some one-on-one help from an expert to make sure I was following the protocols, to better corral those “stray cats,” and help me better evaluate my session summaries. My once a week mentoring sessions via Skype with Lori have been invaluable, as my understanding and appreciation of the CRV protocols have taken another big leap. I am so appreciative of Lori’s experience, patience, encouragement, and attention to detail. It is an honor to be able to work with her.”
– C., from Palo Alto

“Lori has been my mentor for only a short time and it has been a great way to make sure I am staying in structure, and to learn tips for finding more information at the target. Lori is an invaluable source for helping me learn how to decode the information my subconscious is telling me. I’ve learned to trust myself more, broken through a plateau in my viewing and am learning more about how to ensure that I “describe, don’t identify” when I view.. Lori is patient, supportive and a natural teacher. In short, she can get you to where you want to be in CRV.”
– Moselle from Colorado

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