The Zen of Remote Viewing

The Less You Stress, the More You Score “What is so Zen about Remote Viewing?” you ask.  “Sometimes, remote viewing stresses me out!” I can relate.  There are those times you want so badly to be right…   those times that you fear being wrong for SO many reasons…   those times that someone is paying you to be right…    and those times that someone’s life may depend on your accuracy.  Any one of these scenarios can create stress. And you may also wonder, “If I can’t be right all the time, what’s the sense of remote viewing at all???” That is just…

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When You Feel Like Quitting, Read This

The Dark Night of the Soul You’ve been a remote viewer for several years… or perhaps only months. But you’ve really been working hard at it, sacrificing time at the office or with family, to practice. Up until now, your enthusiasm and fascination with remote viewing seemed boundless. Then suddenly, you hit a wall. It now feels pointless. “What was this, an expensive hobby? Am I just going to throw it all away?” you wonder. The very thought of doing another practice session throws you into a tailspin. Believe it or not, this pivotal moment is when you finally start…

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Do You Need Any Special Skills to Learn CRV?

After teaching hundreds of students, I’ve come to the conclusion that learning to read and write is the only essential skill that a controlled remote viewer must have.  Other than that, anyone can learn it.  A few of my students who have experienced a closed-head injury in the past find that the written structure can be challenging to remember, as they have trouble with memory in general.  However, I have created templates for my students so that those who have difficulty in remembering the structure can simply fill out the template as the perceptions come in to their minds.  This has become a very successful strategy.  With practice, every part of the Controlled Remote Viewing protocol becomes second nature.   Read More

What if I Have Never Had a Psychic or Mystical Experience?

While preparing to write my book, I asked one of my students, “If you had read the perfect book on CRV prior to taking my class, what information would you have most needed to know?”   He answered, “I would have loved to have read something written by someone who had never seen an angel or a ghost, who had never had any kind of mystical experience, yet who had still become a world-class remote viewer.”  This student really wanted to sign up for the class several years before he actually did, because he thought only people who have had mystical experiences would be good at CRV.   Read More

What if I Can’t Draw? Can I Still Learn CRV?

You sure can!   A lot of good viewers are not good artists.  Many viewers create what I refer to as “Ideogram sketches,” meaning that they use symbols to indicate where things are at the target.  Sketches range from amazingly simple to extraordinarily complex.  Whether you draw stick figures or are a Van Gogh is not important.  As a viewer, you will learn to connect to your assigned target and obtain information.  Like a team of Super Heroes, the combined skills of various viewers allow them to collectively provide a very complete picture of the needed information. Read More

Viewing Amid Distractions

Almost every aspect of daily living is distracting...

Actually, viewing amid distractions can be beneficial, because you learn to set them aside. The distractions also keep your conscious mind occupied, which allows your subconscious to get its information unhindered. When I was just starting out in my practice as a new remote viewer, my 11-year-old son injured his hand. We were in the hospital waiting room, which was open to the nurses’ desk. There were constant calls on the loudspeaker (“Dr. So and So, come to the nurses’ station…”), there were children playing with noisy toys, the surgeon was pregnant and it was her due date, and I…

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Check Out Our New Website!

We’ve recently had our website completely re-designed! Check out the changes at The new design is more user-friendly and will allow me to add blog content regularly. Keep checking in to see what we’ve added! Soon we will have short teaching videos for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced students! If you discover an error or have difficulty contacting us through the site or ordering any materials, please email us at:

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New Remote Viewing Training Center Taking Shape

Remote Viewing Center Under Construction

The remodel is progressing rapidly! The kitchen (the most important room of the house, of course!) is almost complete. Check out the before and after photos, below. Once complete, the new center will offer training in Controlled Remote Viewing, Associative Remote Viewing, Professional Remote Viewing, Intuitive Development, Mediumship, Reiki and more. In addition to a relaxing, peaceful and healing atmosphere, the center will have a place to obtain all your remote viewing needs, including Advanced CRV toolkits, Self Help cards, and books.

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Beautiful cottonwood pendulums, handmade by Jim Williams

New Pendulums

Each one of these special pendulums is unique and individual. Jim Williams is a true artisan and woodworker, harvesting the wood from native cottonwood trees located on the High Plains of the Texas Panhandle. Each pendulum is carefully hewn on Jim’s lathe, sanded and then dipped several times in clear varnish to bring out the beautiful sheen of the natural wood. Jim selects special natural stones for the end of each pendulum. These pendulums are lightweight, which is especially good for energy work. Jim initials each pendulum before dipping them in one last coat of varnish. Made to last for…

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How beneficial is it to teach Basic Controlled Remote Viewing online?

The other night, I met with someone who is both a student and a friend, and who happens to teach online classes in clairvoyance. She practically begged me to begin teaching my controlled remote viewing classes online. She had me convinced: If I don’t want to fall behind the curve, I need to teach basic CRV online. So many people are unable to travel due to limited resources or work conflicts, yet they want to learn to remote view! However, as I began to talk to some of my students, I realized that a lot of the quality of the…

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